Floods Sever Uganda-Sudan Boarder

FLOAs floodwaters drained from Amuru district’s Elegu border post, communities and businessmen at the Uganda – Southern Sudan border in Amuru district in Atiak sub-county are stranded by a fast flowing seasonal river.                                                     

The water believed to be running from areas of Karamoja has flooded the road which would otherwise be used by traffic and over 5,000 travellers and residents

River Unyama, which flows past Elegu trading centre, has burst its banks into the trading centre.

The incident has left travellers in about eight buses, trailers, trucks and small cars unable to continue either to Gulu or proceed to Juba.

Willy Katende, the General Secretary of the Uganda Bus Drivers and Allied Association (UBDAA) who is also trapped said they have not been able to move since 11am, Saturday and progressively even walking around to find food is becoming a problem.

Katende said the road had been turned into a flowing river, which has cut off the even the police station. A four wheel drive police patrol car was seen moving around to rescue their trapped personnel.

This seasonal river which is common in the Karamoja region was last seen in Elegu border nine years ago.

Katende said there was growing concern as to what will happen at night now that it has started raining in the area. Weary travellers are often forced to climb and sleep in trees, trying to find a dry spot to rest.

Lodges at the border have also been submerged by the water.

Katende said that the only way out of the place is to be airlifted, otherwise at night people will have to climb trees to escape being washed away.

The Director Operations in the Uganda Police Force, Grace Turyagumanawe confirmed the incident but added that they hope water levels will go down in about two hours.

Turyagumanawe said that the last time such floods occurred; police had to use canoes to rescue people.

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