FUFA Won’t Wait For SuperSport

Vice President of the Uganda FA in charge of the league, Mujib Kasule, has said they are close to getting a league sponsor.

“We have been very patient and explained all problems to our former sponsors SuperSport and Uganda Breweries Limited through their Bell Lager brand,” said Kasule in regard to the two bodies insisting on another body, Uganda Super League Limited (USSL), running the league.

Mujib explained that the Assembly withdrew the mandate of USSL to manage the league and now a different body was given the right.

“So we still wonder why SuperSport and Uganda Breweries Limited have still kept away and yet we have furnished them with all the information they asked for,” Kasule explained.

Last year the FA and USSL organised two separate leagues, although the sponsors insisted on bankrolling the one managed by USSL.

However, the rival league has this season failed to take off as the sponsors have withheld the cash.

The FA Vice President explained that they cannot keep waiting for SuperSport to return to support the league, but they need to move quickly and get other sponsors who can help football grow in Uganda.

“We are sure that we shall have a sponsor by the start of the second round,” added Kasule.

The 16 teams in the FUFA Super League are now struggling to maintain their teams without support from any sponsor and the FA.

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