IGP To Issue Annual Licenses To Private Security Guards

The new security regulations require Private Security Organisations – PSOs to secure annual licenses from the Uganda Police Force before their personnel can be hired as guards.

Police Chief General Kale Kayihura
Police Chief General Kale Kayihura

The Police Control of Private Security Organisations regulations 2013 that were recently released come at a time when private security guards are in the habit of turning their guns against those they are supposed to guard, killing or robbing them.

The regulations give the Inspector General of Police powers to either renew the private guards’ practicing certificate or revoke it depending on their level of service.

Two weeks ago, operators of Private Security Organisations met IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura and requested him to issue certificates to their staff to stop the rampant poaching of guards between companies.

The PSOs were concerned that some of their colleagues were not going out to recruit guards and training but were instead taking on those already trained by other companies.

The PSOs argued that this would help eliminate criminals who change employment upon commission of a crime since these licenses would not be transferrable. The regulations prohibit any PSO from hiring an unlicensed private security guard.

The security organisations are obliged to provide a quality service to its clients and will not transfer the cost of equipment onto its personnel.

The regulations also oblige the PSOs to pay their private security guards on time. Three weeks ago a guard attached to Delta Force shot and killed an Indian client after he failed to pay him when he demanded for his monthly pay.

The new regulations that were recently gazetted allow the Inspector General of Police to accredit private guards’ training institutions and even instructors.

PSOs are obliged to ensure all their guards eligible to use firearms are properly and regularly trained and instructed in the use of firearms supplied.

The regulations prohibit PSOs from acting as arbitrators in debt collection, or charge any extra fee from suspects or witnesses to the investigation.

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  1. some companies like saracen is not even giving quarter of the money they collect from their clients to guards

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