Kazinda Mansion Raided

Former Principal Accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Geoffrey Kazinda’s residence in Bukoto was Wednesday night under attack by unknown goons whose aim was to steal money.

KaZinda's house in Bukoto Kampala
KaZinda’s house in Bukoto Kampala

According to a reliable source, the robbers first tied the two guards and then proceeded on to dig up the house in search of money which they thought was buried in underground caves at his house.

As the robbers continued with the search for the money they never kept, police was alerted and in a blink of an eye they were at the scene and they started to exchange fire with the goons.

One of the goons was shot dead and two were arrested. They are currently held at Kira road police station.

Kazinda is currently serving a 5-year jail sentence term at Luzira prison for having forged signatures that led to the loss of taxpayers’ money worth 50billion shillings.


5 thoughts on “Kazinda Mansion Raided

  1. 50b Shillings? Wonder how much is that in dollar terms but I suspect it is some millions of dollars. This guy stole all this from government/public and still owns this Ugandan mansion….no asset forfeiture or something? I want to believe that the suspected thieves have positive knowledge where this loot is…..no smoke without fire.

  2. If the goons had attacked your house be sure the police would not be there in record time. They know what they’re protecting, duh!

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