Lillian Parades Radio’s Son

Whoever said that a single mother has a backbone made of steel and heart made of Gold did not make any error.

Lilian and her son Asante
Lillian and her son Asante

It was on Sunday September 29 when Lillian Mbabazi, the former Blue*3 singer paraded her son Asanta while attending the fourth edition of blankets and wine.

Asante was a name to the late Lilian’s uncle. He is believed to have been well behaved and handsome.

For you who think that raising a kid without a dad is impossible, Lillian proved beyond doubt that single parenting is possible nevertheless tough.

Lilian and son arriving at Uganda Museum for blankets and wine
Lillian and son arriving at Uganda Museum for blankets and wine

Lillian’s son looked healthy and handsome. They were seen playing and having fun together all day long which showed the true colours of a mother’s love for her child.

It is not clear whether the pencil thin Radio checks on his son quite often but according to the looks, the son looked comfortable in his dad’s absence.

4 thoughts on “Lillian Parades Radio’s Son

  1. Lilian show those fake men tha its very posibble to raise a kid single handedly.Yo kid is sooooooo handsome.

  2. Im a single mother as well but it is not that easy to raise a child alone it hurts however much you may try to give the best for your kids but as a mother wth a motherly touch you just let go and work hard for the kid life goes on

  3. Its always possible if you are not a goal keeper,otherwise the kid will ask one day that,”Mum,where or who is my Dad “.Because of that it means both of you are needed indeed.

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