Man Drinks Self To Death

A man who had been drinking for the past three days straight in Palenga Village, Gulu district, has been found dead in his house.

Venacio Odoch Okello (38) was found dead in his house by concerned neighbours.

Residents said that Okello had developed the habit of beginning celebrations of public holidays two days before.

A friend of the deceased Onyutta said that Okello had been drinking alcohol in sachets for three days.

Onyutta said that he pleaded with Okello to reduce on his alcohol intake. He managed to convince him to have a meal of posho and beans at a restaurant in Palenga trading centre.

This was on Wednesday, Uganda’s Independence Day, October 9. He tried to talk Okello into taking a break from drinking on that day but Okello ignored him.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the police spokesperson for Aswa region, said it was important for residents to avoid alcohol abuse and concentrate on developmental projects.

4 thoughts on “Man Drinks Self To Death

  1. “Residents to avoid alcohol abuse and concentrate on developmental projects.” what projects are there really for these people in Gulu wasn’t the money swindled by the OPM Kazinda,Amama and Bigirimana who had better projects constructing palaces ?

    1. Mushanju, whereas I do not condone the swindlers of the money for the north, I am at loss to hear from you that minus that money the only thing left is for people to drink to death. I do not know how much you know about Gulu District. It is receives more rainfall than probably any other district in Uganda, the land has been under fallow for many years and is quite fertile. There are many agricultural projects that one can do. Taking your kind of stance is quite unkind to the people of Gulu.

      1. Bakubye thanks for your response Yes Gulu has alot of land which has been under fallow, Yes I know Gulu,Kitgum,Pader more than you . With a hoe one can only dig land for subsistence not commercial farming. The govt funds to buy tractor was swindled leading people to thin Acholis are lazy hence the excuse to give the land to Madhvani .. the northerner has been the forgotten Ugandans on sharing the national cake compared to western where I come from almost every district has a minister or CEO,Director just name it. Northerners are loyal and hard working people. Don’t talk of agricultural project because I see only Indians and people like Mr. Jim who have machinery prospering and the rest of the Acholi left to till with bare hands, such poverty and imbalance of resources is what causes the looting and bloodshed a history we unfortunately can’t learn from.

        1. Thanks for your constructive comments. Uganda’s economy is agrarian and all along people have been producing using that hand hoe. As one who has had considerable experience in rural development, I can assure you that tractors are not the answer to Uganda’s agriculture. Luweero district (before it was divided into 3) was allocated 19 tractors in 1987. Apart from being used to ferry sand and charcoal, no one can account for any contribution they made to agricultural production in the district! In another district in Busoga, women confronted the then minister of Agriculture (Victoria Ssekitoleeko) asking her to take away her tractors as it had made men redundant and increased the labour burden on women. The tractors were opening land ( a man’s work) but planting, weeding and harvesting were left for women. On the issue of having ministers, CEOs, Director, I am still not sure it solves any problem. Check the situation in 1980-1985. All those positions were occupied by people from the North. Can we say with certainty that the North was developing faster then? Having said that I would like to state that I am passionate about development of the North. Even during the LRA war, I risked my life to work in the Northern Uganda. So I say all this with a real concern in my heart.

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