Mangat Retains National Rally Title

Jas Mangat and his navigator Da Silva
Jas Mangat and his navigator Da Silva

National Rally champion, Jas Mangat, continued his dominance of the national rally championship after he won the Independence Rally in Mukono to take this year’s championship.

The African Rally championship leader scooped his second straight championship and becomes the sixth driver to retain the national title. Jimmy Dean (1987-88), Sam Sali (1989-1992), Karim Hirji (1993-95), Emma Kato (1996-97) and Charlie Lubega (2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004) while former national champions Moses Lumala (2003) and Charles Muhangi (1998) did not retain their titles in their era.

He finished first in the rally posting a spectacular 1:31.41 time in a race where John Consta made a commendable effort to challenge Mangat taking the opening two sections on Sunday but was shortly after he was side-lined by mechanical failure.

Independence Rally results

Jas Mangat 1:31.41

Geoffrey Kiyaga 1:36.18

Satvinder Singh 1:40.22

Jonas Kansiime 1:41.10

Leila Blick 1:48.48

Ismail Otega 1:52.05

Edson Mungyereza 1:52.29

Mansur Lubega 1:54.29

Wilber Pole Pole 2:12.17

NRC standings

Jas Mangat 535 points

Ronald Mangat 236

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