Pakistan Consul, Lokodo Want Pakistan Suspected Rapists Deported

The State minister of Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo has called for the immediate arrest, punishment and deportation of the Pakistan nationals that allegedly gang raped and sodomised a 23-year-old woman last week.

Pakistan Nationals working for a Motor Mart Yausa accused by a Ugandan Woman on Gang Rape Charges
Pakistan Nationals working for a Motor Mart Yausa accused by a Ugandan Woman on Gang Rape Charges

Meeting with the Consul of Pakistan in Uganda Dr. Boney Katatumba at his ministry offices, Lokodo also echoed government’s unwillingness to host non Ugandans who engage in what he described as inhuman acts.

The minister’s concerns follow the arrest of two suspected Pakistan rapists Wakas Mohamed and Mohamed Swahbaz.

The two along with three others only identified as Muhammad Zahiru, Sadiq and Mzee Younger still on the run all workers of YUASA car bond allegedly gang raped and sodomised a woman identified as Zainab Mbabazi.

According to Minister Lokodo, Ugandan citizens enjoy sovereignty given to them by God and attempts by non-Ugandans to deprive Ugandans of their rights should be brought to question and face the verdict as per the laws of Uganda demand.

He also said that the three suspects who are hiding should be tracked and arrested to face the charges and be expelled as soon as possible.

of Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo
of Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo

Dr. Katatumba said the government of Pakistan condemns the crimes committed by the Pakistan nationals adding that much as he signs their letters to work in Uganda, there are many who enter the country illegally by subverting the system.

He said that of the five suspects, only one (Ahmad Shahbaz) is registered with his office and the rest are illegally in the country.

He called for their immediate arrest and punishment as per the country’s laws.

According to him, others acquire visitors’ visas and eventually end up working in Uganda without his knowledge as consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan charged with registering Pakistan nationals in Uganda.

He says regarding the crimes these people commit thereafter, he has no control.

He however says the government of Pakistan is enjoying transacting business and investing in Uganda and now ranked number six from the 18th position it held 10 years ago.

Consul of Pakistan in Uganda Dr. Boney Katatumba
Consul of Pakistan in Uganda Dr. Boney Katatumba

But, Kampala metropolitan spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi says police is considering engaging Interpol to search for the other three suspects should it be discovered that they have left the country.

He also says as soon as the raped woman recovers, police is to use the phone calls that have been made to her, with others intimidating her in its further investigations.

Dr. Katatumba says about 4500 Pakistan nationals are in Uganda but, only 3000 of them are registered.

He says while they are all required to give details of the origin, the jobs they are doing and where they stay; women shun the exercise.

7 thoughts on “Pakistan Consul, Lokodo Want Pakistan Suspected Rapists Deported

  1. Can we start by arresting all the consul so that he explains to us where all the 3000 he has registered work? and why they are working in Uganda? those are 3000 Jobs that can go to Ugandans. We need jobs and our businesses are suffering while Katatumba registers Pakistanis to run small businesses and work as car brokers in Uganda. But Museveni and his people!!!!! eish… paka they eradicate all Ugandans.

  2. Deporting them is not fair. They should be prosecuted here and serve sentences given by the judge. Deporting them would be a miscarriage of justice. Minster Lokodo you seem not to be working in the interest of Uganda. Arrest the excess Pakistani who are not registered and deport them ( about 1500 of them) but charge the rapists.

  3. These Pakistan terrorists must indeed face the full force of Ugandan law. They need to know that in Ugandan, women are not any less in dignity and honor to men. If they treat their girls, daughters and mothers with disrespect for us here, we treat them most honorably. We may have, here in Uganda, some deviates who do what they did to this girl, but they ought not to have done this to a Ugandan citizen from whose country they have received hospitality, they have been honor with employment, they have had they peivellege of being served by Ugandan ladies. What an abuse!
    These guys are not humans, they are more of animals. Their case should be alocated to a Lady Justice to try them and sentence them. They must be given a heavy punishment that will send a message to others that when you are in a foreign country you do not abuse the hospitality of its citizen.

  4. They must face the Ugandan Law, deporting them is not the best option, life imprisonment is the option and they must serve it here in Uganda

  5. The Pakistan have committed crime in Uganda and should be tried the law of the Land with no compromising diplomacy.

  6. These guys shouldn’t be deported before they serve their jail terms in Uganda. A good judge would give each of them 30 years and I earnestly pray that while in Luzira they should get impregnated by fellow prisoners because foreigner are a rare delicacy in Luzira no need for them to go with vaseline.

  7. If the Firing Squad was still to go by I would Have advised on that. However they should be put in court and tried. They should face maximum sentence in Uganda and no where else.

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