Radio & Weasel Trash Bebe Cool At Battle Meet

There was drama at Cacia Lodges in Buziga during the press briefing of the much anticipated musical battle between arch rivals Bebe Cool and Goodlyfe boys Radio & Weasel on Tuesday afternoon.

Radio & Weasel with Abbitex, the organiser of the Battle of Champions
Radio & Weasel with Abbitex, the organiser of the Battle of Champions


However, the ‘Kokodiosis’ singer was absent and the ‘Magnetic’ singers took the opportunity to trash Bebe Cool. According to sources at the venue, Radio & Weasel vowed to teach Bebe cool a lesson come December 6th at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds.

The singers further claimed that Bebe Cool will have a chance to perform to perform for a big crowd for the first time. “As Goodlyfe, we are used to performing for big crowds unlike Bebe Cool.

We are hoping he gets money to complete his house in Kiwatule and stop renting because for the first time he is going to get large sums of money from a show” Weasel remarked.

Radio further claimed that Bebe Cool is as old as his grandfather because he used to listen to his (Bebe Cool) songs when he was in secondary. We are definitely sure the Gagamel boss will not let this go quietly. Over to u Bebe Cool.

5 thoughts on “Radio & Weasel Trash Bebe Cool At Battle Meet

  1. Weasel and Radio,people love your music but i am sure many of us will never attend your show.Therefore,it doesnt create a difference by what you say,be mature….you have been to BET here in the US and thout that will give you a sense.But it hasnt.There is a differnce btn having good music and being loved.Bebe is loved,he is a performer.

    1. ok ,gentlemen the discussion is good,but this is ma take to the goodlife crue ,jst do your thing n he also does his ,,period ,u dnt need 2 blow alot 2 show dah u r above,come on jamaas,,,,,lehz mature,its nah,its nah d way u play d football match dah couts at d end of the day rther ,hw many goals hv u scored,,,meen,,,u cn b d best fucker when u dnt pregnate women species,,etc,,,,,,

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