Tooro Kingdom: Stop Discussing Failed Royal Marriage On Social Media

Tooro Kingdom has requested Thomas Christopher, the estranged husband to Princess Ruth Komuntale to desist from discussing their failed marriage on the social media.

Princess Ruth Komuntale and Christopher Thomas
Princess Ruth Komuntale and Christopher Thomas

Since Komuntale announced an end to their marriage, Thomas has on several occasions posted explicit details explaining why their marriage failed. In some of the posts Thomas claims that Komuntale had denied him conjugal rights since their wedding. He also accuses Komuntale of infidelity.

On Sunday, the 24-year-old elder sister of King Oyo announced that her marriage to Christopher Thomas was over, citing promiscuity, and physical and emotional abuse among other reasons.

In a press release issued on Tuesday evening by Dr. Steven Kaliba, the Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister, Kaliba stated that Thomas should accord respect to his and Komuntale’s family and keep matters to himself.  According to Kaliba, using social media to discuss private family matters does not only injure and cause further pain to him and Komuntale, but also to their respective families.

Kaliba notes that the November 17th 2012 wedding was a great moment for Tooro kingdom, because the Batebe was coming of age and was beginning a new life of building her own family.

In the statement, Kaliba states that the Kingdom will continue to respect Komuntale and support her work through the Batebe Foundation where she has been working to improve the situation of women and girl children in Tooro Kingdom.

The foundation was initiated fifteen years ago by the then Batebe, Princess Elizabeth Bagaya, Komuntale’s paternal aunt to support needy women in the Kingdom.

Kaliba states that the Kingdom subjects should put aside the current troubles and join King Oyo, when he returns on Thursday from United Kingdom, where he graduated from the University of Winchester with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

On Monday, Princess Ruth Komuntale’s aunt, Princess Agnes Komukyeya told local media that Komuntale wasn’t ready for marriage. Komukyeya, an aunt to Komuntale’s father, Omukama Patrick David Matthew Olimi Kaboyo II, says the young princess was not prepared well before her marriage in November last year.

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  1. The marriage between a nigga and a princess was bound to fail right from the word go due to difference in culture and somehow age, Thomas looked much older than Ruth. Katubasabire.

  2. It’s Komuntale herself who first exposed her marriage breakdown via Facebook, to me it speaks volume of who she is and her family values.

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