Uganda Police Issues Arrest Warrant For Pakistani Rape Suspects

Uganda Police has issued a warrant of arrest for the two Pakistani nationals who are suspected to have raped and sodomised a 23 year old girl identified as Zainabu Mbabazi.

Zaheer Muhamed and Sadiq Muhammad are needed by Police
Zaheer Muhamed and Sadiq Muhammad are needed by Police

Zaheer Muhamed and Sadiq Muhammad are currently on the run.

“Zaheer Muhamed and Sadiq Muhammad, whose photographs appear above, are wanted by Police for the offence of Performing a Sexual Act against the Order of Nature and Gang Rape to the Prejudice of Mbabazi Zainabu as per case reference:  CRB 155/2013 of Kiwatule,” Patrick Onyango said in a communiqué  that was Posted on the Official Uganda Police facebook page.

In the same communiqué; “Police appeals to whoever has any information which may lead to their arrest to pass it in confidence to the nearest Police Station or ring telephone numbers: 0715986956, 0715986955, 0718357402 or 0800199699.”

8 thoughts on “Uganda Police Issues Arrest Warrant For Pakistani Rape Suspects

  1. It was very easy for Police to net streat gal and Illiterate Bad Black who was wiser than the educated white man but it will be very difficult to net these terrorists

  2. This is really sad and the highest abuse to the hospitality of Ugandan citizens.The so called ‘investors” five in number raping and sodomising a citizen,and then left to escape by a policeman? Sure! What of if this had happened to Uganda businessmen in Pakistan.what do you thing the Pakistanis law would have done to the Ugandans? STONE THEM.Period! Lets keep an eye on the Ugandan LAW/Police. Otherwise am left with no words for the remaining ”investors” who are in this racket.

    1. Dear Omyra, you r well knowledge about Pakistani law punishment regarding this case,
      its true and its has to be done who will be involved,
      but for current investigation is that now there was four people who raped not five

  3. The government must heavily penalise companies employing foreigners without proper documents like working permits and visas. Let Yuasa produce these culprits of face penalty and closure. The time to appeal for goodwill is over.

  4. Dear Mushanju , please clear your statment ,
    is all Pakistani who r in Uganda should be sodomized, bcz if all of them have to face such entertainment then I should better go some where else?
    This time in this case we all of them should have to be togather bcz its really really shamfull and painful act, those people who r involved have to be hanged , that’s why my opinion.

  5. If it were Ugandan who had gang rape in Pakistan they could have been beheaded by now, and this Terrorist are just here being handled with a glove hand.

  6. Arrest the md of yuasa and he should be in luzira.He is responsible for his company and employees. If police wants to find those three go and ask md of this fake company he will surely know and may be he is the one who is hiding them. This main character sadiq is his realitive. People should make it an example for every one so that next time no one dares to think even like that about our girls

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