Ugandans Rot In Chinese Prisons

Kampala woman member of parliament Nabilah Naggayi Sempala on Tuesday called on the government to step up efforts to wipe out and deal with the problem of drug trafficking in the country.

46 Ugandan inmates on death-row or life imprisonment are languishing in Chinese Prisons.
46 Ugandan inmates on death-row or life imprisonment are languishing in Chinese Prisons.

This comes days after a report by a delegation of Ugandan MPs to China revealed that 46 Ugandan inmates on death row or life imprisonment are languishing in Chinese Prisons.

Half of them are women majority of whom are from Central Region.

The report further reveals that an additional four on top of the 46 are dead and awaiting cremation because the authorities give a maximum of 21 days to the loved ones of these dead prisoners to pick up the bodies.

Kampala Woman MP Nabila Sempala says Ugandan government through Parliament has to try and control the situation.
Kampala Woman MP Nabila Sempala says the Ugandan government through Parliament should find ways of mitigating the situation.

The minimum sentence for the “lucky” ones is 15 years.

Nabilah appealed to Government and Parliament to come together and support the efforts to stamp this problem out and support the embassies in order for them to give more consular support to Ugandan prisoners or Ugandans, who find themselves not only in prisons but in whatever difficulties in the host countries.


8 thoughts on “Ugandans Rot In Chinese Prisons

  1. They are on death row, what do you want the government to do? go break the prison? if you are on death row does it matter where you die from? or you are blaming the chines government for not killing them quick. I have no sympathy for people dealing in drugs

    1. Never know, one of them could be your UNCLE mister!! All the Chinese in Uganda are BICUPULI, what with their fake Merchandise.

  2. Not supportive of drugs Yes, But these are Natives. How many Foreign workers in Uganda have broken, abused and literally gone against the law here. Let the government follow up. It was the same case with Iryne some of these would be innocent. 46, a big no. and the government could not even be concerned. “Ugandan Government. Poor Africans”

    1. Thumbs up Joe !!!for your mature reasoning we have watched in so much pain many Ugandans abused at home and away around similar circles and yet the abusers are left free just like at the recent Pakistan/Yuasa saga what Hon K said was advocating for them indirectly so why kill them deport them instead like Uganda does to its people

  3. Before government goes abroad, they should first setle home problems of which are still many.

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