Amama: Uganda Not M23 “Godfather”

 PM Amama Mbabazi said government.
PM Amama Mbabazi said government.

Uganda’s Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has dismissed reports accusing the Uganda government of continuing to support the M23 rebels.

Mbabazi said on Wednesday that Uganda is neither the father nor the god father not even the mother of M23 saying it is a baby of the Democratic Republic of Congo—DRC.

This was during the 45 minutes question and answer session in Parliament. The session, where the Prime Minister answers questions from MPs, is provided for under Rule34 of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure.

During this time the prime minister may make a statement or questions may be put to him relating to matters of government policy or the general performance of the government and government agencies.

Makindye West MP Hussein Kyanjo asked Prime Minister Mbabazi what he had to say about reports in the public accusing Uganda of being the God Father of the now defeated M23 rebels.

Mbabazi noted that Uganda as a good neighbour and being led by a government with a Pan-African outlook, offered its services to its neighbours in Congo to try and resolve the internal conflict within the country.

M23 Commander Sultani Makenga (R) with his Men.
M23 Commander Sultani Makenga (R) with his Men.

He said that the country has made progress in its involvement in DRC although the peace agreement is yet to be signed.

Uganda has been mediating the talks between M23 rebels and the government of President Joseph Kabila aimed at ending 20 months of fighting in the east of the country. A week ago, the DRC army with support from the United Nations Intervention Brigade defeated the M23 rebels and pushed them out of their positions. Close to 2000 rebels including their top commanders are now camping in Uganda.

A peace agreement supposed to be signed on Monday now hangs in balance after the DRC delegation asked for more time to study the document.

Mbabazi, however, noted that Uganda is still hopeful to help the people of Congo to have peace saying that they need it for their own development and for regional stability. He appealed to Ugandans to trust government in its involvement in the DRC saying that they have done it before with its other neighbours.

3 thoughts on “Amama: Uganda Not M23 “Godfather”

    The Political, Social
    and Economic Problems being destabilized by the M23 Rebels in the democratic
    Republic of Congo is unfortunate, Awkward and ridiculous calling for a United
    Nations solution if the Country has to have peace,harmony,unity and
    development.Currently thank God
    that they have partially been crushed and have found refugee in Uganda of
    course the country that planned the War on Congo as it has always been the
    aspiration of Museveni to have Congo added on Uganda and Rwanda as he dominates
    as the President of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo as those Presidents move under his
    orders as the chief commander and conqueror of the great Lakes Countries.
    It was Providential recently
    that the Signing a Peace deal between Congo and the M23 Rebels flopped. To
    begin with the venue for negotiating terms of peace and harmony to be Kampala
    the City of Uganda where President Museveni is the chief enemy of Congo was
    wrong and a big mistake which has caused a continuous unsolved problem of the
    M23 Rebels whose aim is to steal the GOMA Gold, Copper, timber and IvoryThe Fighting in Congo
    has left many killed innocently,raped,lost properties and forced into refugee
    in Uganda where the M23 rebels Disguises and crosses into Uganda free as they
    make consultation on what next step to takeThe Flopping of the
    Signing a Peace deal between Congo and the M23 Rebels should be looked at as a
    blessing because this should be a call to all Congolese to understand that tolerating
    snakes in the Congo country is the root of all problems. The Tutsi and the Hutu
    were in the Past given sanctuary in Congo and after eating and feeling proud
    have moved brutality to wage a war on the Country causing even death on
    innocent peopleThe Flopping Signing
    of Peace deal should be looked at as warning to Congo Government to be very
    strict with the refugees that are residing in the country. Register them,
    monitor their activities and movements and those found misbehaving should be
    kicked out of the Country.Besides, it is not
    enough to believe that the war now has stopped because Museveni and Kagame
    shall not be contented that the M23 Rebels have been crushed, they need a total
    elimination in Congo. As we talk heavy Guns are on transit moving towards
    Bunagana from Uganda with some UPDF Soldiers. It is only few days ago that a traitor
    of Guns, Bullets and Pistols was intercepted by the Police at Nakawa inside the
    Capital city to unknown destiny. This is to know that Congo should not sit down
    and relax instead should be vigilant in order to crush the M23 Rebels
    mercilessly.Congo is a rich
    Country being attacked by Uganda and Rwanda to remove these riches once and for
    but God is saying that Museveni and Kagame stay where you are because Congo
    belongs the Congolese and what is in Uganda and Rwanda belongs to the people there.
    There is nothing valid that should agitate Museveni and Kagame under the cover
    of the M23 Rebels to invade Congo.These Leaders are hypocrites
    who cannot be taken seriously when they push people to destabilize Congo.
    Fighting anywhere in the World cannot be permitted by God. It is an act that originates
    from the heart of a person transmitted in his or her minds, put into motion
    using the body to hold man made weapons to cause destruction and death onto
    innocent people.Museveni and Kagame
    want the Congo Gold, Timber, Ivory and Copper. They cannot achieve these riches
    immediately so what they have done is to dupe the M23 Rebels to wage a war on
    Congo as there are supplied with Guns, bullets and personnel in order to
    overthrow the Congo Government. Their Trial has been a disappointment but still
    active because the Rebels are not arrested, Refugees are in Uganda and
    Museveni and Kagame continue fooling the World that they don’t have a hand in
    the war of Congo and the M23 Rebels.
    The M23 Rebels are
    busy regrouping in Uganda and should they attack Congo again Museveni and
    Kagame should not be handled with compromise and tolerance because Africa is
    tired of childish wars decorated with greed for power, riches and free things
    from the people’s economy kept in the Treasuries of the Countries.

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