Batooro Torch Red Pepper Over Chris-Komuntale Marriage Saga

Copies of the Red Pepper torched in Fort Portal town.
Copies of the Red Pepper torched in Fort Portal town.

In a show of abhorrent behavior, a section of the Batooro in western Uganda on Wednesday torched copies of the mighty Red Pepper over the pepper’s continued coverage of the failed marriage of Tooro Kingdom Princess Ruth Komuntale and her estranged American husband Christopher Thomas.

Sources say opinion leaders in Fort Portal  through their self styled “Local Parliament” convened a Press conference and advised all Batooro not buy Red Pepper and its sister papers; Entatsi, Kamunye and Hello Uganda.

“Right now they are buying all the Red Pepper news papers in Fort Portal town with an intention to torch them. They are piling the papers at their “Local Parliament” seat outside Momo hotel.” the source revealed.

They bought more than 200 copies of the Red Pepper and set them ablaze in the centre of Fort Portal town, as they sang the Tooro Kingdom anthem.


A fortnight ago, Princess Ruth Komuntale through her Facebook page announced that she was parting ways with Thomas,  a story that was widely reported in Ugandan media.

In her post, Komuntale accuses Thomas of being promiscuous and physically and emotionally abusive.

It is therefore surprising that this section of Batooro has torched copies of the Red Pepper whereas it is an open secret that Komuntale’s split was announced on Facebook.

This action has drawn vicious condemnation from readers who have called on the Batooro to also torch Facebook since its the platform that the princess and her estranged hubby used to announce their break up.


Below are some of the reactions from Red Pepper readers










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  1. Batooro please desist from fighting the truth because the story of Your Prince did not come from heaven but was actual and revealed by your Brother in Law so leave red pepper ALONE OR IT WILL DESTROY YOU THE MORE.

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