Blood Scarcity Hits Rakai Hospital

Rakai Hospital administration has raised an emergency flag following an acute blood shortage at the hospital.

People donating blood to save lives
People donating blood to save lives

The situation has forced hospital authorities to suspend major operations while most life threatening cases are referred to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, Kalisizo and other hospitals.

Joseph Kateregga, the Rakai Hospital Administrator confirmed the situation saying the few units of blood available can’t meet the existing demand. Kateregga expresses worry that the season known for blood collection has not yielded results as anticipated.

He attributed the blood shortage to increase in emergencies such as ruptured uteri, caesarean cases, accident victims and other complicated cases that really require large amounts of blood. Affected most are women, children and accident victims, he adds.

Kateregga further said that even the little blood that may exist at the hospital sometimes may not match with that of the patients which calls for referral.

When contacted, Dr. Moses Saku, the Rakai District Health Officer confirmed the situation saying that they have scheduled a meeting with medical superintendents of Rakai, Kakuuto and Kalisizo hospitals to chat a way forward

However, Ayub Mutebi, the Masaka Hospital Blood Bank manager says blood consumption in Greater Masaka region is too high compared to other regions.  At the same time, the region has few blood donors because of the high HIV patients’ population

He explains that blood shortages are common during the holidays, although this comes at a time when a number of student donors are sitting for their final examinations.

Mutebi adds that when hospitals find no blood at the blood bank, they shun calls for repeated visits, a scenario which eventually leads to crisis at the hospitals.

Meanwhile, another meeting has been scheduled between the Rakai hospital administrator, Masaka Hospital director and the Masaka Hospital Blood Bank manager over the same.

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