Court Quashes Lukwago Impeachment

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. Court has quashed his impeachment
The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. Court has quashed his impeachment

The High Court in Kampala has ruled that embattled Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago be reinstated at City Hall pending determination of main application.

The ruling quashes Monday’s action by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) councilors to impeach the Mayor after the tribunal found him guilty of abuse of office, misconduct and incompetence.

Lukwago went to court to overturn the KCCA tribunal report which found him guilty saying that it contravened the fundamental principles of the Constitution.

High Court Judge Yassin Nyanza said that the Minister in charge of Kampala Hon Frank Tumwebaze was duly served a court order staying the proces by an authority member.

Justice Yasin Nyanzi also ordered government to pay damages to Erias Lukwago’s legal team.

In a special council meeting chaired by Frank Tumwebaze the minister in charge of the Presidency and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), 29 councillors voted in favour of removing Mr Lukwago. Three councillors opposed the motion.

Monday’s meeting was marred with dramatic scenes that saw Lukwago’s lawyer Abudullah Kiwanuka who had gone to KCCA to serve the minister with a court injunction that had blocked his censure, beaten up by plain-clothed police before he was bundled onto a police van that whisked him to Central Police Station.

Thursday’s ruling also means that Lukwago is still the Mayor of Kampala City until his petition challenging the proceedings of the commission of inquiry that recommended for his removal from office is disposed of.


Details to follow shortly.

18 thoughts on “Court Quashes Lukwago Impeachment

  1. We are tired of useless Lukwago and his useless fellows. Nyanzi do you live in Kampala for you not to see that we are better off without Lukwago. Sometimes we should put down the so called rules of law to harmonize certain issues.

    1. Even us people who live in Mbarara can already smell the benefits of a Kampala City without Lukwago!

    2. Like I said the other day Mr. Tumwesigye, “its better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool than to speak and you remove all the doubt of it.” So u have now been buried in a government that does not respect the rule of law!!!!!!!!!???? And u plainly state thas trush in your comment!!!!!!!! What exactly are u harmonizing Mr. Tumwesigye? Read what you wrote and see if there is any sense in it.

    3. Arent you the same person who was saying that lukwago was impeached by law so should follow it. why change the argument now bro tumwesigye?

    4. Then ask police to beat you up properly, bundle you on a police van, and drive you around so we can determine how advantagous it is to putting some laws by the road side. Then, and only then are we ready to follow you and your advise.
      Over to you.

    5. stop being miopic uganda is backward because of people like you who believe in solving each and every thing by force you use more of your brain to solve issues than using force on matters that dont require force.

    6. But surely, how can you say we should stop using the law? It could be that you hate Lukwago, but he won elections. He is not an imposter. Just as you think that he is useless, there are many other un-useful people holding public offices in Uganda – including at KCCA. When impeachment was done, it was done according to the law. I have seen Mr. Tumwebaze explaining and emphasizing how everything was done according to the law. So why do you castigate the law when it favors Lukwago, but you run to use it when it serves your interests? These double standards are bad. We all need to have a leveled ground, because the country belongs to all of us.

    7. The problem of being in Tumwebaze’s payroll. Tumwesigye repent and see the light for Man does not live on Bread (money) only.

  2. bro mpay……………………….. kindly say it loud when you are in Mbarara because you will be stoned to death when heard of in the city centre. endevour to respect people’s rights, choice, democracy and feeling twakoowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. yes lukwago and Jennifer both are needed in kampala ,,,,u people should know that ….jennifer has done something good ,,,,,but we need opposition in leadership… both are needed….but let this be a lesson to both,,high time for the two to check them selves …for abetter kampala

  3. Dear LORD MAYOR, you should be afraid because trials and temptations are part of human life and when you persevere you are rewarded abundantly let every talk as pleased but they will be silenced by your victory

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