Deny Bail To Rapists, Defilers, Murderers – M7

President Museveni tries out a spear given to him by Kyamuhunga People's Savings and Credit in.Bushenyi on Thursday. PPU PHOTO
President Museveni tries out a spear given to him by Kyamuhunga People’s Savings and Credit in Bushenyi on Thursday. PPU PHOTO

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to the National Legislative Assembly to support his proposed bill to deny bail to  suspects of defilement, murder, rape, treason and those involved in the embezzlement of either public or private employers’ funds noting that failure to effect the no bail call was fueling high level crime in the country.

The President was responding to the security concerns raised by Bushenyi district LC5 Chairman, Mr. Willis Bashasha at the opening of the new financial block building for Kyamuhunga People’s Co-operative Saving and Credit Society Limited and also the launch of the youth and women loaning programme.

The ceremony took place yesterday in Kyamuhunga town Igara West constituency in Bushenyi district.

Mr. Bashasha said that several people had been murdered in Bushenyi district in the recent past by unknown people. He said that this was a source of great concern because those who had been implicated in the murders and had been arrested were quickly released but re-arrested for the same offence.

“I have suggested before that murder suspects should not get bail but I was frustrated by the Parliament. I will appeal to them again if we are to stop this criminality”, the President said.

The President, however, said government will do whatever it takes, to prevent crime in the country.

“If we prevented and defeated those who were using guns, how about those using pangas? We shall defeat them at any cost”, the President declared.

Mr. Museveni instructed the police and other security agencies to do enough community policing and carry out societal intelligence. He also strongly advised parents to guide and advise their children rightly adding that the community should report anybody suspected to be involved in wrongdoing.

Adapted From Sarah Kagingo’s Facebook Wall

She is the Special Presidential Assistant On Communications

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  1. The President will remain “a lonely voice in the wilderness” until he realises that those around him may be the ones letting him down! He should carry out a radical change for things to start moving;at first slowly but with the gain in momentum it would be difficult to stop!

  2. Bail is a right. You are a criminal if found guilty. Why should a mere suspect be denied bail? Do you take ages to prove defilement? Prosecute as fast as possible. Prosecution should always make timely investigations. I do not support the president’s view.

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