Expedite Business: Kadaga Tells House Committees

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga on Tuesday directed house committees to expedite parliamentary business to allow the house to handle all pending work before the end of its third session.

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga

According to Kadaga, parliament is left with only one month to handle the remaining 18 bills and various motions, petitions and reports before breaking off for recess in December.

She therefore directed the various committees handling these bills and motions to wind up their work and table their reports before the plenary.

Kadaga said the business committee of parliament will sit soon to prioritize the available business.

The Pending bills  include the Anti homosexuality bill, the Uganda Anti-Counterfeit Bill 2010, the public finance bill 2012,Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill 2012, anti-money laundering Bill, the HIV/AIDs Prevention and Control Bill, the anti pornography bill among others.

The bills that have been handled and completed by the ninth parliament are; the Public Order Management Bill, the anti torture bill, the petroleum exploration, development and production bill and the petroleum conversion, transportation and storage bill. The house suspended the marriage and divorce bill for further consultations.

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