Gov’t: Lukwago Not Lord Mayor

Government has decided to take the battle for removal of Kampala City Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago to the Court of Appeal.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The decision comes after the High Court granted Lukwago a temporary injunction stopping the KCCA from acting on the tribunal report.

During a press briefing on Friday evening at the office of the Prime Minister, the Attorney General, Peter Nyombi said necessary steps are being taken to ensure that the High Court decision is reversed.

Nyombi also maintained that Lukwago is no longer the Lord Mayor of KCCA and therefore has no business to conduct on behalf of the Authority.

He faulted the High Court judge Yasiin Nyanzi for pronouncing himself on a decision that cannot be implemented.

Nyombi further said that on the fateful day, his office received a temporary court injunction at half past ten in the morning when the council had already kicked out the Lord Mayor.

He says temporary injunction would have worked if only the order was served before the vote to kick out Lukwago was taken.

Nyombi says the government is only going for legal redress to inform the public that the orders cannot work and therefore must be set aside. He has reiterated the government stand that Lukwago must not step at the KCCA offices claiming to be the Lord Mayor.

Amama Mbabazi, the Prime Minister, agrees with the Attorney General. He says government is only waiting for the court records to file a formal appeal letter. Mbabazi is optimistic that the cour of appeal will overturn the decision of the High Court.

Mbabazi wonders how a court would issue an injunction after conclusion of business.

However the explanation by the government contradicts what happened on Monday last week when Lukwago’s lawyers were blocked by the police from serving the court order to the minister for Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze before the vote took place.

9 thoughts on “Gov’t: Lukwago Not Lord Mayor

  1. Nyombi has to know his challenges are more personal than what the book of law says. Let him stop all the Lukwago nonsense and discuss the matter on the flloor

  2. The court overturned Katongole Singh’s MP stance after he had been sworn in as MP. That’s exactly the business of court to make null and void all that may have happened illegally.

    What has happened to these presumably learned friends? Where will they run to when the tide turns against them?

    On a lighter, if Lukwago is no longer a LM as determined by the government, why go to court then? What is it these goons want to stop?

  3. There is no contradiction there. Already the lawyer was carrying an incomplete document – before the required fees had been paid in the Bank, as the relevant provisions require. This means that he was therefore only going to disrupt the meeting. It would have thus amounted to disorder. And the Police have a legal mandate to maintain Law and Order, hence confirming that the Police men acted within the law. Intelligence within their jurisdiction might have also hinted to them about the schemes of the lawyer, and so they acted in time to prevent a bad situation similar to what a Councilor Sewanyana caused at the meeting.

  4. IF NRM can not work with the oposition, then we are asking for Two Govts. one who cooks at the will of the people and one who cooks when she is in mood to cook.

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