Iron Bar Hitmen Invade Kabale

BodaBoda Cyclists in Kabale district are living in fear following an invasion by a group of Iron bar Hit Men. They in most cases attack cyclists and take off with their motorcycles.

The hit men disguise as passengers and use chloroform on their victims whom they leave unconscious and sometimes with injuries.

By the time of filing this story, a total of three cyclists were already battling for their lives at Kabale regional referral hospital after being dosed with chloroform and their Motorcycles robbed.

One of the victims is from Kabale University stage, another from Katuna road Junction while the third one is from Kadio Motel stage.

Bosco Arop, the Kabale district police commander confirmed the incidences and added that the police has mounted a search for the thugs.

Arop asked locals to be extra vigilant while dealing with people who are unknown to them.

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