Karamoja Women Mps Root For Cervical Cancer Screening

Karamoja Women Members of Parliament have teamed up with Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE) to reduce the number of rapes and violence against women in Karamoja.

Mps Margret Alepa for Kotido district and Akello Rose Liri for Kabong
Mps Margret Alepa for Kotido district and Akello Rose Liri for Kabong

This comes as a way to mark the annual 16 days of activism starting Friday under the Karamoja Peace week Exposition 2013 with a theme Health Families for Peaceful Community.

An assessment on the prevalence and response to Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the districts of Abim, Kotido and Kabong in Karamoja region is one of the activities to be carried out in the 16 days.

Cervical screening of cancer and fistula is also to be carried out in collaboration with Kotido district administration and Nakere Rural Women Peace Activists.

According to the Executive Director of WICCE Ruth Ojambo Ochenge, 18 health workers are to be trained in this week so that they can continue with the cancer screening in the region even after the exposition.

She noted that the trained health workers will be a springboard for continuous cervical cancer screening and referral in the region.

Ojambo noted that WICCE will work with Health professionals in the screening in three sub counties of Kacheri, Nakapelimoru and Kotido Town Council saying that this will help to bring services to grassroots women who are at risk of highly dangerous diseases.

She added that also open dialogues between the communities and their leaders on reproductive health and rights; sexual and gender based violence and women’s participation.

Ojambo said that the dialogues will specifically focus on family health as an important factor in ensuring peace in homes and communities.

MP Margret Alepa, representing Kotido district noted that they are targeting over 3000 men and women in Karamoja and that it will call for reflection on respect on women’s bodies, no violence, promotion of a health environment and respect between members of the society.

Kabong Woman MP Rose Liri Akello noted that gender based violence is one of the top most problems in Karamoja and that she is hopeul these activities will open the eyes of communities in Karamoja and enlighten them to the effects of violence.

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