Kayihura: Police To Investigate Tear Gassing Of Kasokoso Children

IGP General Kale Kayihura
IGP General Kale Kayihura

Uganda’s Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura has condemned the excessive force used by his officers in quelling protests over the disputed Kasokoso land.

Police officers used teargas to break up demonstrations over the disputed land. In the process, three children suffered the effects of tear gas and had to receive medical attention.

Kayihura has promised to investigate the circumstances that prompted the officers to use such force and punish them where necessary.

Kayihura made the remarks while appearing before the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) today.

Kayihura’s comments were in response to Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso’s query about the children who were tear gassed.

Kayihura told PAC that he is personally against excessive use of force and has in the past punished officers who over stepped their mandate.

Kayihura said he had not watched the footage yet but defended the police as human beings who can sometimes make mistakes in the course of their work.

Yesterday media reports from Kasokoso and video footage on television showed three children being tear gassed by police during the scuffle.  Ownership of the land is being disputed by National Housing and Construction Company Ltd and the residents who claim they must be compensated before they leave.

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  1. Really?he “condemned” one hand is tear gassing, the other is condemning, “what a drama in our country. just as I said before. THE POLICE have a story to teli their children. we fought for the country oyeee!we Tear gassed,Oyeee!we locked people up,Oyee!we killed some of your parents Oyee! we forged records to save the country oyee! and the drums go ON AND ON: think about this police as you do your work. I see most are begining to feel the pain but they have no chioce because they will lose their Jobs.

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