KCCA Tribunal Implicates Lord Mayor Lukwago

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been found guilty of misconduct.
Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been found guilty of misconduct.

The long awaited report of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) tribunal investigating abuse of office by the authority’s Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been released with a damning conclusion for the mayor.

The verdict: KCCA Mayor Erias Lukwago is guilty of misconduct, abuse of office and incompetence.

The report was released on Thursday morning by Minister in Charge of Kampala Hon Frank Tumwebaze.

Tumwebaze explained that the release of the report was delayed because “they couldn’t finish all the work”

“They (tribunal) did not want to have By excuses so they requested me for more time” Tumwebaze added.

The fate of the Mayor now lies in the hands of the authority’s Councillors who can according to the minister choose to “forgive him”.

However, pundits conversant with the nitty gritty of Kampala’s politics argue that this is unlikely considering the fact most of the Councillors subscribe to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) which according to the Mayor has a secret plan to take over the city.

Lukwago is a member of the opposition Democratic Party (DP).

KCCA ED Jenifer Musisi and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago have failed to find working chemistry ever since the authority's inception.
KCCA ED Jenifer Musisi and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago have failed to find working ‘chemistry’ since the authority’s inception.

The tribunal was set up to hear a petition by Councillors that questioned the competence of the sitting Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. In the signed petition, the Councillors also accused Lukwago of abuse of office.

The minister is expected to meet the Councillors in a fortnight and its in this meeting that a conclusion will be made to the findings of the report.

The results of this tribunal however will not come as a surprise for the beleaguered mayor. Recently, in a prophetic torn via his Facebook account, the mayor said that the NRM government had finalized plans to kick him out of the authority’s leadership.

Lukwago’s term as mayor of Kampala city has been marred by accusations and counter accusations between him and the Executive Director Jenifer Musisi with both accusing each other of failing progress in the city.



14 thoughts on “KCCA Tribunal Implicates Lord Mayor Lukwago


  2. There is a plan to take Kampala , and it is not about NRM but a certian tribe that is out to get everything . After Lukwago , Musisi will go . She will soon be replaced by her deputy who shares the same tribe as Tumwebaze and the Judge who ruled against Lukwago.

  3. Thank God at last we are going to see development. At least musis has some thing to show for the last 2years. What does Lukwago has to show the same period?

    1. wat a hell are u talkn abt…..u’ve just been blind folded…….kla needs a strong opposition like Lukwago……..unfortunately he’ll be voted back

      1. I am worried the NRM Gov’t may alter the constitution & enact a clause that gives them the mandate to chose Kampala Mayor. But none the less if it is to do with by-election he will be voted back. I wish him good luck. Cry my beloved country Uganda.

  4. Well, it has taken non of us by surprise since we are aware of a hidden secret to reap Ugandans of their own rights and be placed in the hands of foreigners. what we ought to do now is to brace our selves for a war to freedom. it will be a bloody one, you know real democracy is indeed costly.

  5. I just don’t know what all those young men and women working for the President doing all the wrong things will say to there people wen there fellow young man Lukwago bounces back as a leader in this country. Young men and women, you are still here for the next 50years which i doubt the president will be available. Just think about it.

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