King Micheal, Saha Wrestle Verbally

Self proclaimed king of dancehall music in Uganda, King Michael and Leon Island member King Saha are verbally attacking each other over China based Ugandan glamour girl only identified as Farida Nabumba.

King Micheal
King Micheal

A source at Leone Island revealed that Saha has been dating Farida for a long time.

However our snoops have learnt that Michael hooked Farida while in China recently, something that has not gone well with Saha.

King saha has now vowed to teach the Muko Muko singer a lesson that he will never forget even after his death.

2 thoughts on “King Micheal, Saha Wrestle Verbally

  1. Those guys are wrestling over Nabbumba Faridah, a thigh vendor here in China. Mbu glamour girl my ass. Sorry 4 them

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