Kyambogo University Lecturers Call Off Strike

Kyambogo University lecturers have by majority vote resolved to end a three week strike in which they were a protesting the re-instatement of the vice chancellor Professor Isaiah Omolo Ndiege.

Kyambogo University Main Building
Kyambogo University Main Building

Lecturers accuse Ndiege of witch-hunting them and demonising staff at the university.

He is also accused of flouting procurement procedures subsequently costing the university billions of shillings.

The lecturers meeting held at the university main hall this morning voted to call off the strike on condition that the university vice chancellor Ndiege doesn’t get an automatic renewal of his contract when it runs out on 13th January, 2014.


5 thoughts on “Kyambogo University Lecturers Call Off Strike

  1. Unprofessional lecturers. What a shame on you poor teachers. Where they the very one who hired Prof. Ndiege as the VC. Let them stick to their JDs and teach Ugandans knowledge and skills of doing productive work not knowledge and skills for stricking and being idle and disorderly. Reappointment of Prof. Omolo is not within their mandate.

    1. but dont they have a right to with hold their labour of they have unresolved issues with their bosses-how can the angel you defend be rejected by 800 staff-are they all stupid and him right?

      1. Toluja has point here which you don’t see, The problem at Kyambogo is beyond Ndiege. There is a lot of negative energies being expended at this university. Some people on the academic staff shouldn’t be there at all. Even after
        Ndiege’s departure (possibly in Jan. 2014), Muyingo should take another bold step of shaking up the academic staff.

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