Lukwago: Govt Bungled Plan For Modern Taxi Park

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has attacked government for what he called messing up the construction of the new taxi park.

Kampala City Mayor Erias Lukwago
Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Lukwago says when he conceived the idea of a better parking lot for taxis in the city, he wanted to put up a modern structure that would accommodate all those who park by the roadside. He says the streets in the city would be organized and traffic flow would be smooth.

Lukwago however says as soon as he made his plans known, the government rushed to demolish the old facilities at the park and started constructing new ones. He says because they had not conceived the idea, they rushed to put up something that does not match the standards of a modern city.

According to Lukwago, seven parking levels would have been constructed if they had followed what he had planned. He now says 7.5 billion shillings was wasted on substandard work that should have offered better value for that amount of money spent.

Lukwago says Kampala is among the few cities in the world that do not have a parking lot.

Peter Kaujju, the Communications and Media Supervisor at KCCA, however, says it is premature to make such statements. Kaujju says according to the plans, the new taxi park will be a seven tier parking lot, but they have only started with the ground floor. Kaujju says as soon as the city Authority gets more funding the construction will be done in phases until the whole project is completed.

5 thoughts on “Lukwago: Govt Bungled Plan For Modern Taxi Park

  1. Mr. Lukwago is very right…7.5 billion shilling was so so much wasted on what I term as shoddy work, because nothing serious went on, even without an architectural plan same thing would have been constructed!!!

  2. Who is Kaujju? Why does he react before thinking? Typical of M7 way of doing things. What Musisi and his men put up is worth 200m.

  3. Mr Lukwago you have failed the City and are to blame for this mess , stand up and own your mistakes , tie your laces and start working instaed of talking

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