Drama As Lukwago Is Impeached

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been impeached despite a court injunction ruling against the process.

29 councilors voted in favour of impeachment while three voted against. The meeting was chaired by Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

Earlier on Monday morning, the High Court issued an interim order stopping Frank Tumwebaze from implementing the vote of no confidence against Lukwago.

The High Court registrar Fred Waninde had by 8:45am granted an interim injunction barring the KCCA from debating the report of the tribunal set up by Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze to investigate the Lord Mayor.

Immediately after the court injunction, Lukwago’s lawyer Samuel Muyizi Mulindwa rushed to KCCA offices to serve them the documents. Muyizi says he went to KCCA Executive Director Jeniffer Musisi’s offices and gave the documents to her secretary, whose names he did not mention. The secretary reportedly walked out and did not come back. The lawyer was shortly reportedly after told to walk out of the KCCA premises for security reasons.

However, Tumwebaze reportedly refused to receive the Court order and went ahead with the process.

Lukwago’s lawyers, Alaka and Company Advocates, petitioned court seeking its orders to block KCCA from impeaching the Lord Mayor.

The proceedings in the High Court will also continue with judicial review today in which Lukwago challenges the process within which the tribunal led by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire arrived at their decision.

Lukwago is currently at Mukwaya General Clinic where he was admitted on Saturday.

Meanwhile there was drama as MP’s including Ken Lukyamuzi were forcefully pushed out of City Hall, one of Lukwago’s lawyers was beaten up by police and arrested.



15 thoughts on “Drama As Lukwago Is Impeached

  1. Does Lukwago really have to be Mayor. Is the position far better than his life and the good of his family and children? He seems like a good lawyer, what if he practiced the law and forgot about all these running battles with police that put his life at risk! This man is putting his need for the position of Mayor before his own life and before his family. I can not speak for his family but perhaps they need him more as a father, husband, brother, son before Mayor. He can still make money in other ways.

    Mr Lukwago, first life.

    1. He does not really have to be mayor, but what has let down this country is people not being ready to fight for the truth and justice for fear of being killed or victimized in other ways. By doing so we have showed those that oppress us that we can not sustain our resistance against them for long. This country needs the Lukwagos and the Besigyes not necessary because of what they are doing now but their resilience. Resilience kept the Egyptians a Tahirir Square even as Mubarak was killing them. It keeps the Palestinians fighting in face of Israel injustices. It kept Mandela in Jail even when it seemed at times he would never win. So keep going folks, we are proud of you

      1. Very True Jasper. But first life then the quality of life. You can not fight for a better life, truth, justice and all if you are dead.

        1. At times some people may need to die for the rest of us the get liberated. the Arab spring was begun by a young man who set fire on himself.

  2. History repeats Mr Lukwago (Former Mayor ) you did this some in Parliament , what goes around comes back , You failed us and foolishly , you don’t have my vote , rest and go back to the village

  3. Sorry for our Lord mayor, that he has to go back to the village, my point of encouragement is that the world is composed of three classes, the poor, the middle class, and the rich, the middle class will always think of having a better job with an aim of retire-ring comfortably, they always believe in taking minimal risks, they believe money and power is the beginning of evil but the rich will always be prepared to take up challenging tasks, they will believe that money and power is the begging of wealth and the lord mayor is one of the rich men we have in Uganda and i know u will soon be back on track.

    1. Samuel you have missed the whole point of this reality TV show. It is not jobs. Lukwago has done us great by exposing the powers-that-be. We should thank him for that.

  4. Guys life is filled with moments where you have to let go or lose a dear one but don’t let that stop you from moving on or fighting on in life… I at times hear people say “Mbu oyo yayitta mu tanulu…..” So it is the tanulu time for our dear Lord Mayor, But all will come to and end some day! People in Gov’t need to focus on bigger issues instead of whether Lukwago is Mayor or not. I think what’s happening is that Lukwago knows how to fight back; And the way he’s fought back is on the issues – being tough in staying on the things that matter to people in our lives.
    In our era and age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.

  5. What has happened is a National shame and rape of our democracy. All elected leaders have cause to fear, this was a litmus test on whether an overwhelmingly elected leader can easily be removed on the whims of an individual or at least a few people all out to show how powerful they are. Today it is Lukwago, tomorrow it will be someone else. The Nigerians have a proverb that ” a slave that sees a fellow slave being buried in a narrow grave knows that he will go the same way when his time comes”, the same people also have another which says that ” those who live by the sword, will perish by the sword” not my words, but reality has proved them right. Mark them

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