M7 HIV Results Leak

President Museveni (L) taking the HIV test at Kiswa Health Centre IV on Friday.
President Museveni (L) taking the HIV test at Kiswa Health Centre IV on Friday.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is HIV non-reactive, Red Pepper exclusively reports.

A non reactive HIV test means that HIV was not found in that tested sample. This test is commonly referred to as “negative”.

Museveni tested for HIV on Friday to encourage millions of untested Ugandans to check their status, a critical step to stemming the spread of the virus.

Ugandan leaders rarely test for HIV in public despite recommendations from health workers that it would set a good example in a country that has seen HIV infection rates increasing. Uganda was once a global leader in efforts to fight AIDS.

The testing was conducted along with key leaders in the move that was aimed at leading by example to roll back the HIV epidemic.

This exercise was held at Kiswa Health Centre IV, Bugolobi, in Kampala. The president was first counseled by Dr. Diana Atwine, his personal physician before his blood sample was taken for testing.

We have exclusively confirmed that after taking the samples, Dr. Atwine put them in an extraordinary tube before sealing them in a special bottle.

Unlike other ordinary Ugandans, Museveni samples were not tested from the scene, they were instead taken to a special laboratory at State House and tests were conducted.

Dr. Atwine, according to the sources later relayed the good news to the First couple on Friday evening.

Sources said Museveni will soon make a pronouncement about his sero status.

“He was supposed to make the pronouncement at Kiswa but he couldn’t do it in the absence of his wife” the source said.

While addressing a rally after the testing, Museveni encouraged Ugandans to rush for the crucial tests.

“All Ugandans, test and find out your status and let the state and health workers manage you. If you are infected, they will handle you. If you are not, then take care of yourself. Risky behavior is unnecessary. Health is wealth; when you are healthy, you are productive. To be careless to get short-term satisfaction is not wise” said Museveni.

He described AIDS as mainly a behavioral disease transmitted through sex, saying that the other ways such as sharing of needles and syringes, mother to child and blood transfusion among others were dealt with decisively.

He called on the public to know their status so that they can seek advice and care from health facilities.



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  1. For M7 to come out and have an HIV test openly, he must have first done about a million tests in the months before just to be sure. No way he c’d have come out to do it before prior knowledge of his status

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