Namubiru Drug Case Dismissed

Japan based music promoter Kim Tumwesigye well known as Kim Ueno who was accused of being the master mind behind singer Iryn Namubiru’s drug scandal has been set free.

Irene Namubiru
Irene Namubiru

Snoops have established that Kim was set free on Monday morning by Makindye Court which has been presiding over the case after Government failed to produce evidence to prove that he was behind Irene Namubiru’s drug scandal.

Kim was accused of illegal possession and trafficking of illicit drugs that were found in Namubiru’s bags early this year in Japan that led to her arrest and detainment for close to a month.

“Lucy Kabahuma, the state prosecutor in the case at Makindye Court revealed that they were not ready to prosecute the accused since police failed to find more evidence incriminating him and therefore set him free,” intimated the source.

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  1. Soo the question is did she carry the drugs or it was a public stunt…wasting tax payers money on such cases, next time the police and its investigation arm needs to pull their act up the war on drugs needs to be energized and the law made very strict for the offenders to fight the vice….

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