Nsubuga Confronts M7 Over KCCA Wrangles

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Outspoken Ugandan Lawmaker Mathias Nsubuga is calling for president Museveni’s intervention into the crisis at Kampala Capital city Authority (KCCA).

Nsubuga, the Bukoto South MP’s call comes a day after KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi announced the suspension of the auhoriy’s technical operations over prolonged political controversies.

According to Musisi, the decision to shut down operations came at the backdrop of several months of protracted politicking that has severely hampered their ability to deliver services.

The move also followed the controversial impeachment of the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who was later reinstated through a court order.

Lukwago was accused of incompetence, misconduct and abuse of office by a section of KCCA councillors.

Such controversies stimulated MP Nsubuga to confront President Yoweri Museveni during his visit to Lwengo district last evening and asked him to explain his involvement in the crisis at Kampala Capital City Authority.

Nsubuga says the president needs to take charge and bring politicians together to discuss the escalating crisis before the country goes to the dogs.

Speaking in Luganda, Nsubuga said that in addition to KCCA wrangles, there are so many issues that the president needs to discuss with all leaders to find a lasting solution. Among some of the issues is corruption, killings and police brutality among others.

In response, President Yoweri Museveni said he was ready to invite all key actors and opposition leaders for talks to find a lasting solution for the escalating crisis in the country.

Museveni explained that Lukwago had connived with Besigye to cause mayhem in the city which must be fought. He equally condemned the violence caused by the two opposition politicians saying it is uncalled-for.

Sheikh Muhamood Kibaate, a Muslim leader has supported MP Mathias Nsubuga on the need for concerted efforts to end power struggles between Erias Lukwago and KCCA executive Director Jenifer Musisi. He however says since Frank Tumwebaze, the Kampala Minister has shown bias, there is need to include religious leaders in the talks.

President Museveni was in Lwengo at the invitation of Lwengo district Woman MP, Gertrude Nakabira Lubega in Kinoni who was celebrating 25 years of marriage.

11 thoughts on “Nsubuga Confronts M7 Over KCCA Wrangles

  1. Besigye is such a cancer for Museveni that whoever wants to catch his eye only needs to associate with the retired colonel. Who put the dear leader into this straitjacket? Will he ever free himself out of it? in medical terms this comes close to obsession, a compulsory disorder that needs urgent attention! Who is the dear leader’s current physician? Is there anyone at Mulago who can help save the situation?

  2. Museveni is part of the problem at KCCA. Isn’t it foolhardy to run to the same gentleman to solve the problem he is part of?!

    1. Not just part of my brother but its chief cause. That is how he museveni works, create confusion then be asked to solve it and then come and solve it, hence look good , powerful. sadly Nsubuga knows this very well.

    2. He is the Problem trying to solve the problem not giving the citizens to handle him as a problem in order to remove him

  3. What has the presidenncy in Uganda come to? Now His excellecy officiates at marriage anniversaries!!!! Just like Namboozr predicted he will soon be invited to launch public toilets and yes he will go.

  4. The problem in Uganda are the Mathias Nsubugas, Lukwagos, Namboozes and Besigyes. Talking about anything else is simply wasting time.

  5. When the
    National funds are used to serve few individuals in the Country, Judges Rulings
    challenged by arrogant politicians in Power and leaders who acts as Mafias
    Agents of the Ruling Party, Police used only to protect the interest of One
    person and to harass Party leaders and vocal Politicians, the Judiciary,
    Cabinet and Parliament taken up by the President, the Yes men and women in the
    government paid for the lies and bad leadership they demonstrate to the general
    public, then the citizens must kneel before Christ asking him to save Uganda
    from all sins and bad governance by getting the assistance of the Holy Spirit
    to guide all citizens to accept Christ as Savior and healer of all the wounds
    that have been planted in the country by the bad governance.

    1. is it only you who is not a ware that theirs is not necessarily a political fight but a jealousy or possessive fight!!?

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