Parliament Summons Kayihura, Aronda Over Police Brutality

IGP General Kale Kayihura and Interior Minister Gen. Aronda Nyaikairima
IGP General Kale Kayihura and Interior Minister Gen. Aronda Nyaikairima

The Uganda parliament’s Human Rights Committee has summoned the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura and the Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Aronda Nayakairima to explain the scenes that transpired at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) on Monday when councilors voted to impeach Mayor Erias Lukwago.

MP Jovah Kamateeka, the Human Rights Committee Chairperson condemned the level of brutality exhibited by the police on the day.

Committee members have also pledged to hold accountable individual police officers who participated in acts that tantamount to violation of human rights while events unfolded.

The MP’s cited James Ruhweza, a former DPC for Kampala who commanded the officers at the riot and his associate Sam Omara the Kampala North Operations Commander.

Under Ruhweza’s command, Police officers at KCCA blocked Erias Lukwago’s legal team from accessing the city hall where they had gone to deliver a court order stopping his impeachment.

The court injunction secured by Lukwago’s lawyers led by Caleb Alaka and Medard Ssegona was stopping the authority from impeaching the lord mayor, in a vote which Erias Lukwago lost by 29 votes to three.

In the process, One of Lukwago’s lawyers Abdallah Kiwanuka was beaten, rolled on the tarmac by security personnel and had his cloths tattered before being bundled onto a police truck.

Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze says all individuals who tarnish the image of the police should be held accountable for the inhuman and degrading treatment they subject to citizens of Uganda.

10 thoughts on “Parliament Summons Kayihura, Aronda Over Police Brutality

  1. I agree that this inhuman treatment of lawful and constitutional opposition by politicized “Kai-Horror” (Kayihura) Police must be stopped. Those “rotten apples” abusing the Uganda Police Uniform, abusing our Uganda flag badges displayed on their uniforms and the crested crane badge on their Berets Must be exposed, dismissed and punished. Where has the real Uganda police gone to? Are they all on leave? How can Uganda Police allow these Kai’Horror policemen to continue unleashing terror and horror on citizens including members of the legal profession with such impunity? Where is our Parliament as peoples representatives, when all this takes place? Can parliament proceed to censor Minister for Police affairs and direct the dismissal of Kale Kai’Horror for failing to control the conduct of his men? We must enforce Democratic Civilian control of our security forces. Let Our MPs show that they are still peoples’ representatives and not Rented MPs. Let us see action not just talk.

    1. You are wasting your time, Resources and useful Adulthood age. instead, I would advise you to: #1) Advise your useless MPs and lawyers to restrain from insulting the police; #2) Teach Lukwago to separate politics from Bussiness in Kampala and roll his useless tongue sevent imes before vomiting that he beat M7 to become mayor as if M7 was also contesting for mayorship; #3) Teach Besigye that chaos in Kampala will only affect poor peasants on kiwanuka street while Museveni, the target is tasting his favourite Milk in Stae House and in Rwakitura; #4) Educate the masses that blindly follow Besigye and Lukwago that when they (Lukwago and Bessigye) are injured in their own created fracass, they are flown to expensive Hospitals to get quality medical care while the massess either die on the street like chicken thiefs or screem in agony at Mulago without drugs due to Lukwago’s efforts to disrupt Kampala and the Mulago by extension. My only worry is “Do you, yourself, have enough knowledge to offer advice and education” I have little hope for that

      1. I belive Uganda should be divided in to 2. Western Uganda becamesa separate State. Northing like this happens in the west. They are all enjoying the dividents of the Country. The North has suffered. Now Central puts to suffer, The IGP, Internal affairs Ministers all from the same region. Central East and North alone to suffer as you enjoy the benefits of this Country. This will change one day.

      2. True, actually for those who FOLLOW LUKWAGO/BESIGYE on the streets deserve nothing less that what they GET FOR THEY DUSRUPT ALL ACTIVITIES IN TOWN!!! let Lukwago not cry for simpathy cause he PAYS THE PIPER SO HE SHOULD CALL THE TUNE!!!! Duuuuuuhhhh!

    2. Did you understand (or at least read) my advice? Your tribal and sentimental analysis will only haunt you forver. Say Amen.

  2. Kayihura and ilk will tell you, the police was doing its job. Those who didn’t know must now know that police’s job is to violate human rights. Those who don’t approve can go to court where many a yellow judge will be waiting to hear the case.

    1. One time M7 was hosted on NTv (Kenya) to answer why Besigye had been “brutally” arrested. After watching an edited clip captured by NTv, Linus KaiKai asked M7 why Besigye had been inhumanly arrested. This is what the president had to say ” It only shows that you, you yes, You are not serious” and I 10000% agree with him. Some of those lumpen journalists are not serious. They will edit a report only to telecast only a segment where the “opoosition” leader (my foot) was being brutally arrested but never to show where the leader was insulting the police threatening to grab the police by force. I wish Amin was here so we could see if those lumepn proletariats in the name of opposition can threaten the police. Idiots.

      1. Is there any reason to brutalise someone who has “abused” police officers? What does the law prescribe under the circumstances? Unless of course you are among those metting out the brutality, disagreeing with a police officer is not a license to beat you up, bundle you as a chicken thief on a police van and throw you into police cells, or?
        Even previous regimes that thought they were “untouchables” were defeated and many a security guy is languishing in exile to the present day.
        The president, or any other person for that matter, is not above the law. The law has its ugly face when it will catches up with the criminals one day. Ask Kenyata, Ruto, Tailor and their ilk. Don’t say you were not warned.

  3. The MPs don’t think. The caucus will be told the party position and they will adhere to that without question. Yellow justice plus yellow parliament plus very yellow executive can not give any colour change. You only get change if you mix different colours. Abusing human rights may not be an issue to yellow minded people so long as their views and intentions prevail.

  4. Aronda and Kaihura are not Policemen but military men.Two , the duo are members of the ruling Party that is fond of brutalizing Ugandans and Three,The Parliament is Museveni which is sermonizing the duo to explain the brutality Campaign in the Country especially in Kampala.

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