Police To Help Kiyingi Recover Property

Ugandan born Australian cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi
Ugandan born Australian cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi

The Uganda Police have promised to help Ugandan-born Australian cardiologist Aggrey Kiyingi to recover the property he claims has been fraudulently seized and sold off to pay creditors.

Uganda’s High Court last week ordered seven properties belonging to Dr Kiyingi be sold to businesswoman Diana Jacqueline Asiimwe to repay a $A1.29 million debt.

On Tuesday, Dr Kiyingi told Australian media that he was a victim of a conspiracy to deprive him of his property, adding that several of them had been stolen.

‘They forged my signature. They forged papers for someone I’ve never met and never known. She (Asiimwe) doesn’t exist,’ Dr Kiyingi claimed.

However, Uganda police deputy spokesman Patrick Onyango said on Thursday that if Dr Kiyingi had proof his property had been unlawfully sold off, they could help him recover it.

‘We can help him to recover his property. But he has first to open a file with us. He has to report at any of our police stations so that investigations are carried out,’ Mr Onyango said.

Onyango said even if Dr Kiyingi had debts, there were legal procedures through which property of debtors was dealt with.

He said if indeed some people had forged Dr Kiyingi’s signature so they could dupe the court and gain access to the cardiologist’s property, the law would catch up with them.

‘Forgery is a crime in Uganda. Those responsible will be arrested and taken to court for prosecution.’

However, he said that so far they had not registered any complaint from Dr Kiyingi or his lawyers and advised him to immediately report the case to Ugandan police.

Seven years ago, Dr Kiyingi was acquitted of organising the 2005 shooting murder of his wife Robinah Kiyingi – a high-profile lawyer known for the human rights and corruption cases she pursued.

Mrs. Kiyingi was a 55-year-old Advocate of the High Court of Uganda, as well as barrister in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia.

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