Radio Workers Sue Fmr. VP Bukenya

Apparently all isn’t well in former Ugandan VP Prof. Gilbert Bukenya’s pockets.  Workers at his Kakiri-based Busiro 91.6FM radio have gone on rampage claiming they have missed their salaries for seven months.

Led by news anchor Fred Kimuli, the presenters have dragged Bukenya and his station manager Godfrey Kamya to Wakiso district labor office.

Former Vice President Professor Gilbert Bukenya
Former Vice President Professor Gilbert Bukenya

On Monday, Wakiso district labor officer Celestine Muhumuza held a meeting between the two parties and Bukenya, who had just returned from fundraising and campaigning abroad, was represented by his aide Godfrey Kamya who also manages the radio for him.

It was revealed that having refused to pay them for seven consecutive months; the man who wants to be president reacted by ordering Kamya to expel the presenters. Numbering 14 in total, the expelled presenters claim to have spent years working in great hardship only for their boss to knife them without pay.

In the Monday meeting at Muhumuza’s office, Bukenya sent Kamya who asked for 14 days to prepare a written statement of defense. Muhumuza agreed and offered the 14 days.

The other workers who claim to have been unjustly expelled without their seven months’ pay include news anchor Fred Lukaaga, receptionist Diana Nambogo, kids show presenter Ruth Nakalema, political talk show host Edward Mbogo, news reporter Gertrude Nantongo, mid morning breeze talk show presenter Olivia Nalubwama, sports presenter Edwin Kanyike, news reporter Hosea Kisenyi, receptionist Olivia Nambula, receptionist Agnes Nakalema, Mulindwa Kulevenu (who died chasing for his seven months pay), Janet Nalubwama who used to present a program called Kasonsomolera and sports presenter Amos.

4 thoughts on “Radio Workers Sue Fmr. VP Bukenya

  1. Looking at all the names involved, I am betting luganda was the business language at this station.
    Is there a law on diversity in Uganda or are all employers simply mirroring a culture introduced by government? That your tribe heavily influences your ability to get a foot in the door at certain workplaces?
    On a lighter note, it is great to see a bunch of Baganda conniving together to pull off such a stunt. Without one ratting out the plan. Anti bagamba nti muli bankwe.
    Or is the lukwe intended to give Mahogany bad press?

  2. true patriot onkolela uv made ma day am smilling frm de tim i hav read ur comment man ur Hot obalagala ……………….

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