Uganda Fall To 51st In International Rugby Board Rankings

IRB World rankings

New Zealand (1)

South Africa (2)

Namibia (23)

Zimbabwe (32)

Kenya (31)

Uganda (34)

Uganda have slipped twenty places to fifty first in the latest International Rugby Board rankings following defeat to neighbours Kenya in the Elgon Cup series and a dismissal Africa Cup performance in Madagascar.

wokosMonths after succumbing to a 19-13 home defeat to the Kenya Lions in the return leg decider of the Elgon Cup, the Rugby Cranes must pump up the volume and raise the bar as they shift focus to the CAR U19 tournament at Kyadondo Rugby Club between August 26th to 31st 2014 with Uganda facing challenge from Madagascar, Senegal and Morocco to regain its international glory.

The Rugby Cranes dropped  from 34th position to 51st, 20 positions below neighbours Kenya (31)

According to the latest rankings, New Zealand tops the world rankings followed by South Africa, while Namibia and Zimbabwe are in the 23rd and 32nd positions respectively.

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