Wandegeya Traders Complain Of Poor Drainage System

Traders operating along the newly constructed roads leading to the new Wandegeya Market have complained that the roads have no drainage channels.

A newly constructed Mulondo Road leading to wandegeya market without drainage channels
A newly constructed Mulondo Road leading to wandegeya market without drainage channels

These traders, who operate along Mulondo road and Biashara Street on the lower part of the new market, say whenever it rains floods damage their businesses.

Godfrey Kiwanuka, an airtime vendor on Biashara Street, said it is good they now have a new road but notes that the contractors did not mind about people’s businesses when making the roads.

He said that before the construction of the road, water used to flow well without inconveniencing people but now people’s businesses are affected and that there is no sign of the drainage system being worked on.

Irene Wakhooli, a shopkeeper on Mulondo road, said she is always inconvenienced during rainy days by the water that flows directly into her shop due to the absence of drainage channels on the newly constructed road.

She noted that water destroys items in her shop like posho, sugar and rice causing her a big loss. Wakhooli appealed to Kampala Capital City Authority—KCCA to construct drainage channels immediately.

KCCA Spokesperson, Peter Kaujju said both Mulondo and Biashara roads are still under construction. He said the channels will be put at the right time since they still have problems with evicting people who had encroached on the road reserve.

The 21 billion shilling market Market with capacity to accommodate 1200 vendors was launched last month by President Yoweri Museveni.

It was constructed by China’s Compliant Engineering Services with funding from the Africa Development Bank and Arab Bank for Economic Development.

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