Back Off My Zuena; Bebe Cool Assures Top City Journalist

Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool.

Ugandan music maestro and Gagamel Phamily CEO, Moses Ssali a.k.a Bebe Cool has unleashed a tirade of verbal artillery against a local journalist telling her to back off his wife, Zuena Kirema.

Bebe Cool unleashed his attacks on Friday via his Facebook page where he accused the journalist only identified as Connie Nankya of ‘jealousy’ and being a ‘loser’ whose only aim is to tarnish the name of his lovely wife.

It appears Connie Nankya who participated in a beauty pageant together with Zuena Kirema recently wrote an article critical of Zuena who presents a show on local TV, something that didn’t go down well with her hubby, Bebe.

Zuena Kirema, Bebe Cool's wife.
Zuena Kirema, Bebe Cool’s wife.

A clearly angry Bebe Cool further branded the journalist a ‘loose canon’ who years back was a total drunkard ready to supply her goodies to any available man.

He advised her to keep off his his wife and wondered why she did not offer herself to present the show instead of bashing his wife.

Below is what Bebe Cool posted;

Today I will comment about my wife Zuena’s life stories tv show becoz of a very unfair article from Connie Nankya of monitor newspaper.if u read this article u get to see how gals or women can be jealous of others depending on who is a losser today.Connie Nankya u should have stuck on critisizing Zuena’s life story tv show n not her mistakes in life,WHY? Going back to her miss Uganda answer on stage shows u a personal with her,letting the world know that u were a miss Uganda contestant too but one who went un noticed yet Zuena was among the top five,come to the point of hard work,to me she has proved that she is a hard working woman than u coz she’s got a life,as in a husband,three kids,two jobs,a big name and many more that I can’t mention.For starters look at your self b4 u wake up to turnish Other pipoz names .if u google Amanya Mushega,u get to know know he’s a lawyer,something many Ugandans dint know and Zuena putting the word big is common sense to us viewers coz his a BIG man in Uganda.As to a few things that u did years back,u used to drink in clubs n drop I personally witnessing whichever man who wanted u took u.that Zuena never Kanyabo gwe,kip off my wife coz if u know better than her then u shud hav been doing life stories.

11 thoughts on “Back Off My Zuena; Bebe Cool Assures Top City Journalist

  1. U don’t use fire to put out fire, I wish some individuals could just style to gain some kind of respect and good reputation

  2. Bebe cool first of all you live like a celebrity so what do you expect? Many things will be wrote about you and your Zuena true or not thats the life you have Chosen and it is now too late to Change that. Jounalists can write anything in their view and it is their freedom to do their Job the way it should be. Havent you seen how politicians stuggle with the News? Do the same

    1. So you expect him to go to Church to get the correct forum. It is the same forum the “maligner” used. Small ideas from you gal.

  3. Bebe Cool, use your time productively. You are bending waaaay too low. I know you are trying to protect your family but this is immature and shameful.

    1. if your wife is in the limelight this is likely to happen so bebe cool off otherwise you are opening up a war you might not be able to finish.

  4. Bebe Cool,what you must always remember is your Zuena is just a human being,whatever you think of her is either relevant or errelevant to the public just give us a break.

  5. I think Connie did her job as a critic. I saw that programme myself and I noticed what Connie pointed out. I actually wondered how Zuena got that job. My P4 daughter may do a better interview. Zuena seems untrained and naive. She needs time. Her English presentation and speaking is not better than a Senior 4 student. Otherwise, she is a good looking woman, if that qualifies one for the job.

  6. Bebe means “Baby”and Cool means “”Calm” Bebe Cool why dont you remain a calm baby just like your father.

  7. Truth be told that when you live in a glass house its costly to throw stones. All said and done Bebe Cool you love your wife and you will do anything however Connie Nankya was doing her job professionally nothing personal. I used to follow Life stories when Justine Nameere was doing the show she had a poise that came naturally. Also she had her facts on her finger tips about the person she was to bring. I can say that your wife Zuena has to do alot in order to mark up or even supersede her predecessor. She brought former Secretary General of the EAC, seasoned politician in his own right and lawyer also a revolutionary all this your queen didn’t know about; continuously referring to him as “a big lawyer” left a bitter taste in our mouths. Be a critic and refrain from hounding Connie with barrage of abuses

  8. Agood Head of di family have to be so protective ….to di member thass di care di man have to provide ..keep it up man

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