Bar Owners: Breathalyzer Test, Threat To Our Business

Following the return of drink – driving operations by Uganda Police, bar owners in Kampala have expressed their fear of losing business since people will no longer  drown themselves in booze.

One of the drivers being subjected to Breathalyzer test
One of the drivers being subjected to Breathalyzer test

“I cannot make my sales target if the police are threatening to arrest my drunken customers,” said one of the popular bar managers in town.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Andrew Felix Kaweesi looks at the operation in a different perspective.

“The operations will be resuming in order to reduce accidents in the coming festive season.

We can’t continue losing lives. So we are resuming the operations to arrest and fine drunk-drivers from today”

2 thoughts on “Bar Owners: Breathalyzer Test, Threat To Our Business

  1. That is a damn good way to go for the police-we should not appreciate the fact that tens and thousands of Ugandans die because a drunk driver lost control or over ran them on the roadside-the barmen are selfish enough to support drunk-driving. i think they have forgotten the fact that one day they might as well be the victims of reckless driving under alcohol Influence——i give police 95% on this and i beg not to relax this strict move a single day-thanks

  2. Its not like drinking has been banned, simply we should not drink and drive, as you head for your favorite kafunda as is unavoidable in this festive season, leave your car behind especially if you are the type who relishes their drink.
    Good move Uganda Police, but problem is you will take the bribes let people off the hook.

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