Chameleone, Goodlyfe Reunite

As the saying goes, East west home is best, the Goodlyfe singing duo weasel and Radio have finally settled their issues with their mentor Jose Chameleone and as we talk, they are sailing in the same boat.

Radio and Jose Chameleone at the venom beach bar
Radio and Jose Chameleone at the venom beach bar

This was revealed last week at the battle of Champions when Jose Chameleone stormed Kyadomdo Rugby grounds to support the Goodlyfe boys.

The Goodlyfe then spent a lot of time chatting and laughing while relaxing at the Venom beach bar in Kabalagala.

Chameleone thanked the singing duo for having grown up musically.

He further said that he believed in radio and weasel before the world accepted their talent.

2 thoughts on “Chameleone, Goodlyfe Reunite

  1. Thats how life is!Really these will help you create more songs of experience.
    East West Home Is the Best.Thank you Dr Chameleon for bring back your soldiers and give them more training.Otherwise they have tried to face the hot fire from the other side.
    I Like music and all musicians though am not a singer.

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