Court Issues Criminal Summons For Besigye, Lukwago

Dr Besigye (L) and  Kampala city Mayor Erias Lukwago
Dr Besigye (L) and Kampala city Mayor Erias Lukwago

Buganda Road Court has this morning issued criminal summons for embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and former opposition leader for Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party.

The summons were issued against the two opposition politicians by Grade One Magistrate Simon Kintu after they skipped attending court.

The two who were charged on November 21 this year,  face charges for being part of the outlawed pressure groups; For God and my Country (4GC) and Activists for Change (A4C) contrary to section 58 of the Penal Code Act.

The criminal summons were prompted by state attorney Peace Bbira after the politicians failed to show up in court and none of their lawyers also showed up to explain to court why their clients had not turned up.

Subsequently, Magistrate Kintu issued the criminal summons for the duo to appear before court on December 19, without fail.

Prior to their court appearance on November 21, the police arrested them following the release of the KCCA Tribunal report that found Lukwago guilty of abuse of office, incompetence and misconduct, a report that would cause Lukwago’s impeachment in a few days.

The police arrested Mr Lukwago as he left his residence in Rubaga and Dr Besigye was arrested from down Town Kampala, in what police called a preventive measures fearing that the duo could incite the members of the public following the ugly events at City Hall that were seen not to be in Lukwago’s favor.

The opposition politicians were routinely moved from one police station to another including Naggalama police station for two nights before their eventual court appearance on November 21.

Their court appearance was contested by their lawyers; Medard Sseggona and Abdul Katuntu on grounds that the duo politicians had spent more than the constitutional 48 hours under police detention without formally arraigned and charged before courts of law.

Following this protest by their lawyers, they did not even plead to the charges preferred against them and as they chose to remain quite.

The court adjourned the matter to today when the state prosecutor was expected to respond to concerns raised by their lawyers but did not happen.

Dr Besigye and Mr Lukwago are out on a non cash bail of Shs40 million each.

Prosecution alleges that Dr Besigye and the Lord Mayor and others still at large, on July 19 this year, Katonga Road in Kampala, held themselves as members of For God and My Country, 4GC and Activists for Change, 4GC, an unlawful society.

5 thoughts on “Court Issues Criminal Summons For Besigye, Lukwago

  1. Wait for the opposition to start demonising the judiciary, now that things seem to be going the other way! This circus that never ceases to amaze me!

  2. This is similar to the Mandela situation where law courts were set up to harass only opponents of the repressive white-led regime. Have you heard uganda courts issuing summons for liable NRM diehards?

  3. If you really need more evidence about the country’s failed status, then keep looking. This is not a laughing matter any more.

  4. Dr.Kiiza Besigye You have so far been tasted to be a Mandela in-offing likewise your brother Lukwago there is no need to worry all the challenges and hardships are meant to make you more famous and Popular worldwide Keep it up and dont be discouraged.

  5. who is besigye besides him being a former NRM memeber and how does he plan to lead a country which he destroys? these politicians should stop playing with our minds all those charges in the pass, how did they get sorted? redpeper be more critical and analytical dont just write to show case but write to make Ugandans also think and look ahead. such articals limit their minds to think gov´t is the only issue. we have individuals who are part of gov´t secretly and may preach change but i doubt if it is to their born

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