Frank Tumwebaze: I Can’t Be Censured For Doing The Right Thing

Frank Tumwebaze, the minister in charge of Kampala said that he is not moved by the ongoing attempts by some legislators to censure him.

Minister Frank Tumwebaze ( in the middle) arriving at Buruli coronation anniversary on tuesday
Minister Frank Tumwebaze ( in the middle) arriving at Buruli coronation anniversary on tuesday

Tumwebaze argues that despite the fact that, article 118 of the Constitution of Uganda allows MPs to censure a Minister it can’t be used to punish him because his involvement in the controversial impeachment of the lord mayor was lawful.

Last week, a group of legislators led by Gerald Karuhanga, the Western Youth MP and Kween MP Abdul Fadhil Chemaswet embarked on the collection of signatures to censure the minister.

They accuse minister for disregarding a court order stopping the sitting, which led to the impeachment of Erias Lukwago, the Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayor.

The MPs have so far used up four days as they are expected to collect 125 signatures within days.

According to Tumwebaze it was within his mandate to chair a meeting to impeach the lord mayor.

Tumwebaze said that he can’t waste any time to plead with the architects of the censure motion because they will not succeed.

However, Gerald Karuhanga, one of the lead petitioners insists that the minister must resign or wait to be forced out. He claims that the conduct of Tumwebaze is unbecoming and embarrassing to the nation.

9 thoughts on “Frank Tumwebaze: I Can’t Be Censured For Doing The Right Thing

  1. but Karuhanga whatever you call your self what is your business with what happened in kcca ? is lukwago a young kid for you people to fight for him ?instead off looking at how to help gov´t push the country forward all you do is look for issues and divert ugandans attentions to real issue and letter come to realize while you and company were confusing ugandans more ritical issues were being done. provide results we are not happy with you and group always pointing figures you think your holy? if we investigated you and group how much do u think we can get on you ?. each day people are being killed nothing is said , people are being killed with famine in karamoja and no one is making noise and many other things threatening lives, how comes when ipads were given to MPS no one spoke and they cost a fortune and yet many want increased in pay to better lives e.g education and medical institutions which are the roots of development if well planned and implemented. all you sing and make noise on TV please if you dont have any good thing to do for us be quiet! and we will count you useless with respect but dont waist time and space on news.u claim NRM IS THE ISSUE, YOU DID WELL CAME WITH YOUR ALLEGATIONS BUT WHAT HAPPENED? HOW CAN AN EDUCATED YOUNG MAN THINK BY JUST MAKING A STAEMENT WITH NO PROOF YOU WILL SEE ACTION AND JUSTICE ……GIVING US HALF COOKED MEALS … ENOUGH IS ENOUGH GO FIND SOMETHING WORTH TALKING ABOUT AND PUTING IN THE PAPERS. THIS man did his work so dont condem him condem ur system which wil one day put in the same spot as many other individuals.

  2. @ Tu you say pple are dying of famine in Karamoja who is the Minister for Karamoja? Do you know how much the state spends on just maintaining that Minister for Karamoja alone? Take a guess, with back and forth Helicopter trips to mention few, well several times the amount it takes to maintain the rest of the cabinet and because of her position unlike other ministries hers doesn’t have a defined budget there is no separation between the state house budget and her ministry hence the never ending Supplemental budgets to state house yet there are no results on the ground. So Mr TU you ask why Byaruhanga is fighting for Lukwago- he isn’t. He is fighting for the entire Uganda one case at a time this time being the KCCA/Lukwago saga

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