Hellen Lukoma Launches Clothing Line

LukomaHellen Lukoma is showed off her design skills by launching her new clothing collection at Silk Lounge’s Genesis Nite.

The Samina Mina hitmaker has put together a collection for her chic simple but elegant style, and she unveiled the range with a catwalk show during the Uganda’s capital’s most high-profile fashion event in the festival season.

The runway show took place tonight on Christmas eve.

Lukoma said, “Launching at Genesis Fashion Nite is a dream come true for me. I had wanted to design my own collection for a long time and to present my collection for House of Lukoma. I can’t wait to see the reaction from my fans and the fashion press!”

Hellen, for the better part of the year showcased her designs at different events and finally she has decided it is time to launch her label and go into full time business.
Hellen Lukoma who started as a dancer and singer in the former obsessions, also went on to form her own singing group with her longtime friend Nambi, called the HB Toxic. She later joined acting and has now settled in fashion collection and showcasing as her next venture as we foresee a lot of skimpy and bright colored outfits in her collections.Lukooma

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