IGP Kayihura’s Christmas Message

kale_kayihura_486556283Let me begin by wishing you all a Merry Christmas. We have reason to celebrate as we near the end of 2013. The country is at peace and, even the crime rate, especially in respect of violent crimes, is low compared to the end of 2012/beginning of 2013. We attribute this to our effective strategy of community policing which combines popular vigilance with the technical services of the Police and sister security agencies. At this juncture, I thank members of the public who have continued to support us in our work of making the country safe and secure.

Nevertheless, the country continues to face threats to our security and safety. Particularly, the threat of terrorism is real. We face spillover consequences arising out of the unfortunate events that are unfolding in Republic of South Sudan. Therefore, let us exercise caution and vigilance as we go about the festivities, with all the excitement that it involves, especially in public places where large gatherings take place, e.g shopping centers, markets, bus terminals, taxi parks, entertainment centers, churches, mosques, etc. Remember, this is also harvest time for criminally minded elements such as terrorists, murderers, rapists/defilers, housebreakers, muggers/pickpockets, etc.

For the travelling public, drive carefully. Avoid over speeding, which remains one of the highest causes of accidents in Uganda. Avoid drunk driving, and other violations of the Highway Code. In fact, avoid unnecessary movements. Having said the above, however, I assure the public that the Police supported by sister security agencies, has increased visibility in form of foot patrols, motorized patrols, and general vigilance. Working with the respective proprietors, we have enhanced access control measures at transport terminals, shopping malls/centers, entertainment places, areas of worship, especially to prevent terror attacks. However inconvenient, we request that you continue to cooperate with us. As they say “Better safe than sorry.”

We have enhanced traffic and road safety campaigns along highways through integrated highway patrols, deployed on black spots, and deployed drink-driving testing teams along the routes. We wish to caution the public against burning tyres on roads, paths during end of year parties. It is destructive, especially of the newly tarmacked roads, and will not be tolerated. We have received many applications for fireworks from firms, especially in preparation for New Year celebrations. In view of the reality of terrorism, we shall require the successful applicants to put in place stringent control measures, including wide publicity, to avoid opportunists taking advantage.
Otherwise, we wish you all an enjoyable festive season.


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