Jie – Turkana Clans Renew Peace Deal

The Jie from Kotido and Turkana communities from Turkana West District in Kenya have renewed efforts to end cattle rustling and inter clan clashes. Opinion leaders of the two former rival clans agreed to stamp out unnecessary killings during a celebration at Moru – Anayeche rock in Turkana West district.

Young Turkana ladies from Turkana West District in Kenya
Young Turkana ladies from Turkana West District in Kenya

The leaders condemned the atrocities that resulted from rustling activities fueled by the youths around villages. Peter Ekai Lokoel, the Deputy Governor Turkana County describes the efforts to sustain the peace deal as the greatest option to end mayhem in Karamoja. He explains that the pastoralist ancestors lived in peace and sharing the scarce resources.

He adds that the elders should invoke the spirit of Anayeche to resurrect so as to have peace in place. Lokoel urges the pastoralists to desist from conflicts that have deterred developments in the region. He advises the communities to find agreeable means of resolving conflicts.

Romano Longole, an official from Kotido Peace Initiative says the Anayeche four year-old peace accord should be strengthened so as to have pastoralists have peace. He encourages the Jie and Turkana communities to view the ancestral woman – Anayeche as a link for peace.
Moru – Anayeche, literary means the rock of “Anayeche”, a Jie woman from Kotido revered by ritualistic elders among the Jie and Eyakwara clan of the Turkana.  Its believed the woman lived some 700 years ago, later didn’t die but turned into a rock in Turkana.

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