Jinja Schools Hit By Poor Sanitation

Jinja district leadership has decried the appalling sanitation environment in primary schools.

A Pupil on People's Will Struggles to access a poorly constructed latrine in Lwengo District
A Pupil on People’s Will Struggles to access a poorly constructed latrine in Lwengo District

Olive Nakyazi, the Jinja District Chief Administrative Officer, said that the poor sanitation has forced some pupils out of school which in turn affects their future.

According to Jinja district Education department, out of a total enrollment of 63,000 pupils in Jinja’s primary schools, only 70% sat for the final examinations, with the rest dropping out.

Jinja district has 87 primary schools but more than half of those lack proper latrines and water sources which creates a poor learning environment.

Most schools have an average of four stances of latrines for 600 pupils leaving them unclean due to constant usage.

Lydia Namuwaya, Jinja district schools Inspector says in the last five years, the education department has prioritised and budgeted for improving the poor sanitation in primary schools, but the budgets have not been funded.

John Magada, a resident of Makenke parish in Jinja says the locals have on several occasions appealed to the leaders at Kimasa primary school to improve the sanitation, but in vain.

Magada narrated that some of the latrines at the school have also been blocked which forces children to run back home to ease themselves or opt for the nearby bushes.

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