Kadaga Orders Police To Vacate Lukwago Home

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has ordered the Uganda Police to immediately vacate the home of beleaguered Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and allow him access to food.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Felix Kaweesi yesterday said they are at Lukwago’s home after receiving reports he wants to storm City Hall, KCCA’s headquarters with a group of youths and cause chaos.

Kaweesi added that they will continue deployment at Lukwago’s home until they are sure he has dropped his move to cause chaos in the city.

However, on Tuesday afternoon, Kadaga ordered the police to vacate the mayor’s Wakaligga home.

“Government should allow and send food to Lukwago and Besigye ‘s house holds immediately” Kadaga ordered.

This was prompted by complaints from mainly opposition MPs that Lukwago and his family had been denied access to food.

Leader of Opposition in parliament in parliament Nandala Mafabi expressed his dissatisfaction with the way Lukwago and Besigye are being treated by the police saying “As we speak now, Besigye and Lukwago have been confined in their houses for the last 4 days”

“For the last week Lukwago has not accessed the bank, he asked for money from me but police refused me to give him money” Muwanga Kivumbi said of Lukwago’s ordeal.

Embattled Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (L) in a verbal exchange with a police officer at his home. Looking on is KCCA councilor Allan Ssewanyana.
Embattled Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (L) in a verbal exchange with a police officer at his home. Looking on is KCCA councilor Allan Ssewanyana.

However, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi denied this saying “Everyone in Lukwago’s house is being given food, I will not take at face value the accusation that they are not being given food”

There were chaotic scenes at Lukwago’s home on Monday as his supporters battled police in an unsuccessful attempt to ‘free him from preventive arrest’.

Teargas and bullets were reportedly fired to disperse the irate supporters of the mayor.

14 thoughts on “Kadaga Orders Police To Vacate Lukwago Home

  1. Under what jurisdiction can the Speaker of Parliament order security agencies on matters of operational deployment? I think she is over carrying herself here, moreover based on rumours by her M.Ps! I would imagine that if she observed any security concerns, she could have consulted with the Commander In Chief for guidance, rather than posturing over powers she doesn’t have.

    1. I think she is the third or fourth most important in ranking, so she can as well place an order.

      1. This not how state affairs and in particular those related to security matters are handled!. What if the second most important in ranking also gave the order. Ugandans you amuse me.Those politicians who have invested in Lukwago’s saga should rethink their strategy.

        1. Let me hope that you are a Ugandan too. If so, then you should be law abiding, which law stems from the constitution. Now Ivan, can you tell me what law has Lukwago broken? Some times you don’t have to satisfy your ego because we are all flesh and blood and we gonna die anyways. Criminalizing someone just because one doesn’t subscribe to your ideology is not being civil to say the least.

      2. You say Most important? rightly you ‘ve said but matters of security she has no say while the commander-in-chief is still in power. She can only put on such shoes when HE and the PM, are off and she takes on as a care taker waiting for elections.

        1. no matter what you say she ordered them and they moved away, that means she is up there

        2. There is no law that accommodates and justifies the actions of the police to bench and dock at the mayor’s residence.

    2. Isaac under what jurisdiction is Lukwago under house arrest? Please don’t push us to think otherwise. You don’t have monopoly of the gun

  2. In the event that the law is in the hands of the Police who are in partisan politics trying to protect their Posho and beans and they can decide who should eat and go to the bank, The speaker is left with no option other than to open a small window for fresh air since the bigger Ms other Ks have failed.

  3. Uganda has realy gone to dogs.the speaker of parliament giving orders to police ?I think she must be the new chief of staff or commander in chief.let some educate me

  4. Those who have it in mind that there is money put in the Lord mayor should then try to explain the source and why should he suffer under cover of Jennifer Musisi.

    1. i hear giving orders since when did kadaga run the police???LUKWAGO is just one big loss to kampala wonder why people can’t see that.Kadaga talks of separation of powers yet she is the same person violating them…..Kadaga should stop seeking for cheap popularity…..wonder what she is trying to prove.She is neither number 1 or the police 2 give those orders.Mbu giving Orders…..kati so that we say the police doesn’t know what 2 do???She should follow procedure.Whenever lukwago and company are in the city there is always a big mess and we can hardly work because of the chaos they coz followed by tear gas.Tubikoye all this.

      1. its the business community in kampala loosing that’s why some are even failing to pay rent because whenever there is cheos shops close and the landlords need rent at the end of the month so is that the besiness community better strike agenst lukwago and group

  5. Kadaga presides over ahouse that makes laws so she cant look on when the police just takes the fundamental human rights into their hands just because of orde from above She has the power why didnt they refuse and we see waht happens .im waiting for aresponse from Ofwono or Ofanya to resopnd to kadaga’s Orders

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