KCCA Still Silent On Nakivubo Park Yard Market Fire

Only a handful of traders managed to save their merchandise.
Only a handful of traders managed to save their merchandise.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is yet to issue a statement on the Nakivubo Park Yard Market fire in which vendors lost merchandise worth millions of shillings.

Nakivubo Park Yard Market was gutted down by fire in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Some of the vendors interviewed by our reporter on Wednesday claimed the fire started from second hand shoe stalls before it spread fast to other parts of the market.

The exact cause of the fire is yet to established. However, a day after the incident, Kampala Capital City Authority, which is in charge of city markets, is yet to comment on the incident.

An official from KCCA told local media they have opted to remain silent on the fire because Nakivubo Park Yard Market is not one of the gazetted city markets.  The official claimed that the vendors have been operating illegally at the park yard adding that, they decided to keep silent because the vendors are still mourning their loses.

He also disclosed that KCCA has not been collecting dues from vendors operating at Nakivubo Park Yard Market because it is not gazetted.

When approached for a comment about the market fire, George Ndyamuba Ndahendekire, the acting Deputy Director Physical Planning Kampala Capital City Authority declined this saying they are still consulting with all stakeholders before they issue an official statement.

He however, explained that the Nakivubo Park Yard was meant to serve as a parking lot for Nakivubo stadium and Owin market but it was occupied by vendors. Ndyamuba says they are still engaging different stakeholders to decide whether or not the market remains.

4 thoughts on “KCCA Still Silent On Nakivubo Park Yard Market Fire

  1. Sad but KCCA has to be silent because upto date Police has failed to produce any sort of the along waited investigation reports into the previous owino market fires-reason no one knows.

  2. It is very unfortunate that so many innocent traders have lost their properties. On the other hand, by occupying that parking yard the vendors have caused terrible inconveniences to the general public – especially the driving public. If you want to enter Nakivubo Stadium or go to Owino market there is just nowhere you can park your vehicle. The problem must resolved in a civilized manner, but vendors must also agree that they are using “political muscle” to occupy a totally wrong place

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