Komuntale Told To Reconcile

Prince Saul Livingstone Mpuuga, the elder brother of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, has called for reconciliation between his sister Princess Ruth Komuntale and her estranged husband Christopher Thomas.

Komuntale and Thomas
Komuntale and Thomas

Prince Mpuuga (33) said he hopes the couple can reconcile. He believes this is possible if both families are involved in talks to bring together the former couple.

Mpuuga said that it is unfortunate that the Komuntale-Thomas match did not last more than 10 months yet it had been an occasion of celebration for thousands of people when they got married.

Last month, Princess Komuntale announced an end to her marriage with Thomas. She accused Thomas of infidelity and physically abusing her.

Prince Saul Mpuuga
Prince Saul Mpuuga


6 thoughts on “Komuntale Told To Reconcile

  1. Never heard of this guy before today. Didn’t know Oyo had a elder brother. Royal norms dictate that the oldest son becomes King. Why isn’t he king. Can some Batoro elders elaborate

  2. No no no no. Over my dead body; we are not going to have that bad music repeated. Komuntare please move on with your thing still young. Omukazi tayangwa.

  3. let her make her own decision in marriage there is no deciding for some one plz

  4. From other media sources, Saul Mpuuga was born out of wedlock when the late king had an affair with a palace maid! So we presume that it was also illegitimate for him to inherit the throne. He is Ishmael, King Oyo is Isaac!

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