LC Bosses Arrested Over Stealing NAADS Inputs

Local authorities in Kwapa sub county Tororo district have arrested two village chairpersons and three other members of the village councils for alleged mismanagement of NAADS inputs.
GoatsThe officer in charge of Kwapa police post Godfrey Ochola Okiring confirmed that the suspects were rounded up on Thursday after the sub county authorities filed a case accusing them of selling off the NAADS inputs that was given to them as host farmers.
The suspects include Robert Nyapara -the LCI chairperson of Alupe ‘’B’’, Patrick Emojong [LCI chairperson of Osere ‘’B’’, Silver Ekisa of Kangura ‘’A’’, Obwana Patrick  of Kalait parish and Gertrude Akongo  of Apuwai. The suspects were found by police from  the nearby bushes where they had been hiding after receiving notices of intended arrest from  the sub county.
Ochola said the suspects will be charged with mismanagement and sabotage of government programme.
According to the NAADS sub county coordinator Judith Agiro, the suspects received goats and turkeys  in the financial year 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 as market oriented host farmers and sold them off and later turned around claiming they died.
She said the essence of arresting them is to help recover the sold inputs so that they can be passed over to the next beneficiaries in the group.
Agiro added that the programme has registered numerous achievements in other parishes especially in Kwapa and Asinge parishes unlike in the two parishes of Kalait and Morukebu where farmers are yet to fully appreciate the programme.
She said the defaulters had been issued with warning notices but they turned a deaf ear.
She said the arrest is an eye opener to others promising to effect more arrests to recover all the programme inputs which have not been paid.

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  1. When you politicize even NAADS programs but giving LC’s thene what do you expect they know their bosses are stealing and eating big why not them

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