M23, DRC Sign Peace Deal

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government and M23 rebels have finally signed the long stalled peace deal in Nairobi, Kenya.

M23 Rebels
M23 Rebels

Red Pepper online  has obtained a copy of the peace deal that was signed yesterday in the presence of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the Ugandan president and Joyce Banda the Malawian president.

In the peace declaration, as it is now called, M23 and the Congolese government agreed to the eleven clauses of the negotiations without changing them.

They include the transformation of M23 into a political party and dissolution of the armed force, amnesty for the rebels on charges of war and insurgency, a transitional security arrangement for the rebels to be disarmed, the release of the rebels under government detention among others.

The deal is silent on the fate of the M23 military head Sultani Makenga who is wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Congolese government.

Ugandan forces say they have Makenga under detention at a military facility.

M23 political head Bertrand Bisiimwa signed on behalf of the M23 rebels while the Congolese government was represented by Lambert Mende the information minister.

UN secretary General Ban Ki Moon has issued a statement praising the two factions for reaching an agreement saying that the agreement was a step towards ending cycles of deadly conflict that has affected the Congolese people.

2 thoughts on “M23, DRC Sign Peace Deal

  1. the peace deal that was signed in the presence of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the Ugandan president and Joyce Banda the Malawian president.Leaves behind several question unanswered and does not give good impression and hope that this kind of signing a Peace deal shall achieve much

    When the M23 are allowed to be transformed into a Political Party this is queer and unacceptable because an army supported by Museveni becoming a Political party in a country it was fighting few days ago and Museveni signing for them to peace i can only call this fooling Congo of the highest order.

    There is no way of dissolution of the armed force and i see imbalance in terms of agreement on the signing and my question is is Congo aware of this signing deal which has jumped from Kampala to Kenya
    However the M23 rebel leaders should be produced into the ICC Since he is in Uganda otherwise thinking that Museveni does not respect the ICC should be taken very seriously.

    This is a fake Peace deal agreement and we should seriously make a follow up to see its effectiveness.

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