M7: Poor Education To Blame For Africa’s Underdevelopment

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Yoweri Museveni has attributed Africa’s underdevelopment to poor education which has over the years robbed the continent of quality and skilled human resources.

President Museveni said human resource is critical to the development of any nation adding that a literate but unskilled human capital is a partial achievement.

He was addressing what he termed ‘strategic bottlenecks in Africa’s progress’ among which he listed as infrastructural development and private sector involvement.

President Museveni,who was speaking at the 2013 convocation lecture for the Nigeria Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS), in his lecture examined issues surrounding education and national development.

He also highlighted the incessant crises that have become the aftermath of sectarianism. A matter he said has robbed many African countries, including Nigeria of peace, adequate national planning and wholesome development while countries like China and Japan continue to thrive upon the same resources.

President Museveni has been in the west African nation on a two day working visit. On Tuesday, he held bilateral talks with his Nigerian counterpart and hot Goodluck Jonathan.


4 thoughts on “M7: Poor Education To Blame For Africa’s Underdevelopment

  1. yes an African child is taught of how to use a hoe, but a Chinese child is taught of how to make a hoe, so we should also change our education system today

  2. He should not be talking about poor education when he has done almost nothing to improve the Ugandan teachers pay given the 27 years of his presidency. Surely, he should be ashamed of himself to talk about this while he is on foreign trips while at home he tells teachers to go and rear goats!

  3. Education In Uganda since 1986 has died a natural death because of the Government that has no respect for education.President Museveni has gone further to kill all teachers in Uganda by categorically refusing to give teachers Salary Increment to motivate them to teach children. He at one time said that if they want could leave teaching profession and Government had capacity to recruit more teachers i dont know these new recruits whether they will teach for nothing.Now it is unfortunate for President Museveni to talk about education which he has killed in Uganda and does not hope to make improvement on it.

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